1959 Triumph 3TA Twenty One

1959 Triumph 3TA Twenty One

Hi, my name is Santiago and I am from  Montevideo, Uruguay (South America). Here’s my bike story.

I am 41 years old, and all of my life I have heard about Triumph Motorcycles, because my father 60 years ago worked at the Triumph dealer in Uruguay. He stayed in that job for 14 years.

As you can imagine, I have heard several stories about these motorcycles. To my father and his friends the triumph was the best of those times.

Two years ago I found a 1959 Triumph 3TA Twenty One in terrible condition (See pictures below), which I decided to buy and restore.

In order to do  this work, I contacted an old friend of my father, who used to work as a mechanic back then. It wasn’t very easy to convince him to begin the work, seeing as he is retired, but once he decided to do it  I knew  that he would do a great  job.

So decide for yourselves if he did it.

Thanks and my regards to everyone.


1959 Triumph 3TA Twenty One Parts

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