2003 Royal Enfield Clubman 500 S “Classic” model

Enfield Bullet Clubman
I thought you might like to see what modifications I have made to the standard 2003 Clubman 500 S “Classic” model that I bought. Yes I did say “Classic” and I can use that word because it is officially named so in the brand new “genuine Enfield accessories” catalogue for 2007 from Watsonian Squire. It turns out that my model is in the “Classic” range.

Not only is it a Real Classic but I have now converted it into a “Replica Gold Star” and to prove it here is a list of the things that I have done to achieve this.

I have fitted “Bacon Slicers” and cut the black fibre glass wing things that covered the battery cover and air filter box. Firstly I substituted the air filter system that was fitted in the tool box for an old fashioned “Enfield” filter box.

As I had the “Gold Star” exhaust system I decided to keep an eye on the carburettor settings which I had checked previously while I was running the engine in. I found the needle jet at the highest position and as I clocked the K’s up, I dropped the needle down to the middle position.

I wanted a bellmouth for the carb, bought one and fitted it (see photograph) and then I changed the settings from the standard which was Pilot jet 25, Main jet 110, needle position centre. I’ve now fitted a 27.5 Pilot jet, 120 Main jet and the needle is on the 4th position. The Clubman is running
great. Because I got rid of the air filter and fitted the bellmouth, it left a hole and the coil was exposed, so I fitted a black fibreglass cover that you can see in the next photo.

Apart from fitting Hagon Rear shocks, the last big mod was replacing the Black casquette and fork shrouds for a highly polished fork top yoke.

The other parts required were the fork dust covers, chrome clips and clip-ons and a new ammeter as I’d found it impossible to get the original one out of the casquette without damaging it.

Below are a few photographs of the change from  casquette to fork top yoke.

Most recently I have fitted the engine breather modification with the extension to the oil tank filler and got rid of the catch tank that was fitted below the battery holder.

Last week I fitted a Smiths Chronometric Speedometer to finish it off……. or is it?

So now I have my very own “Gold Star” and the purists can say what they like about it. I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and like you, I say it’s what the individual gets out of it. For me I get a great deal of
enjoyment out of my “Real Classic” I can go for 30 miles before my old back starts to ache, but the grin factor is that of a Cheshire cat. I just love riding the damn thing. So here are the “before” and “after” photos of my Royal Enfield “Classic” Clubman 500S.

Before the mods

Article By Doug Young