Brake Parts for BSA, Norton, Triumph & Royal Enfield

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Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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CP2696AP Lockheed Alloy Racing Caliper Non Handed. Superseded CP2195

Race Use

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Triumph T140/T150/T160
Royal Enfield Rickman Interceptor
Egli etc
AP Alloy Racing Caliper CP2696
06-3410Twin Leading Shoe Brake Stiffening Kit

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Various Models06-3410 8' Front Brake Plate Stiffening Kit Norton TLS
06-32818″ Twin Leading Shoe Brake Plate Assembly

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Norton 88/99/Atlas/650SS
06-3281 8' TLS Front Brake Plate Assembly - Norton / Royal Enfield
21-2196Screw Caliper Cover (2 Per Set)Triumph T140/T150/T160
7″ Twin Leading Shoe Brake Plate Assembly

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BSA B25 1969-70
BSA B44SS 1969-70
Triumph TR25W 1969-70
Triumph T100C/T100S 1969-72
Triumph T90 Tiger 1969
37-3429 TLS 7' Front Brake Plate assembly BSA/Triumph
37-34618″ Twin Leading Shore (TLS) Front Brake Plate Assembly1969/70
BSA R3/A65
Triumph T120/T100/T150

37-4263Chrome Caliper CoverTriumph T140/T150/T160
37-4275Brake Disc (4 Hole)
Triumph T140/T150/T160
37-7079Brake Disc (6 Hole)
Triumph T140/T150/T160
42-5569Front Hub complete with Brake Plate assembly 190mm (Unpolished)

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BSA A65 Spitfire 1966-67
BSA A10 Rocket Goldstar 1963
BSA DBD Goldstar 1958-63
60-4101Lockheed Brake Caliper,
Front & Rear (Cast Iron)
For Race use only
Triumph T140/T150/T160
60-4101BGrimeca Lightweight Alloy brake CalliperTriumph, Norton Etc
60-4102SFront Master Cylinder (Stainless)
Complete with LeverBuy OnlineBuy Online
Triumph TR7/T140/T150/T160
60-4156Decal Caliper CoverTriumph T140/T150/T160
60-4401Rear Master Cylinder (Stainless)

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Triumph T140/T150/T160
97-2751Master Cylinder Cap
Triumph T140/T150/T160
99-2765Caliper Piston, Stainless
Triumph T140/T150/T16099-2765 caliper piston Triumph T140/T150/T160
99-2768Master Cylinder Repair Kit
Front & Rear
Triumph T140/T150/T160
99-2769Brake Pads, to suit Grimeca/Lockheed brake CaliperTriumph T140/T150/T160
99-2769bBrake Pads,
Ferodo Platinum,
to suit Grimeca/Lockheed brake Caliper
Triumph T140/T150/T160
99-7006Brake Caliper Repair KitTriumph T140/T150/T160
99-7027SFront Master Cylinder Barrel & Stud (Stainless)Triumph T140/T150/T16099-7027S Front Master Cylinder Barrel & Stud Triumph
99-9918SStainless Barrel and Stud AssemblyTriumph T140/T150/T160

Brake Discs for Triumph & Norton


Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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06-1885Brake Disc – 5 hole

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Norton Commando 1971-77
06-6595Rob North Style Lightened Brake Disc – 5 hole

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Norton Commando 1971-77 
37-4275Brake Disc – 4 holeTriumph T140/T160
37-7079Brake Disc – 6 holeTriumph T140/TR7
(Late Cast Wheel Models)
37-7175Brake Disc – 4 hole
10″ dia
Triumph T140/TSS etcTriumph T140 Brake Disc, 37-7175
37-7175RLightened Brake Disc – 4 hole
10″ diaBuy Online
Triumph Disc brake models

Brake Pedals for BSA & Triumph

More to come…

Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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82-6449Rear Brake Pedal, with fixed spindle (Forged Steel)
Triumph T120/TR6 1965-70
42-7005Rear Brake PedalBSA Goldstar/A10 Rocket Goldstar