Motorcycle Batteries

Please Note that all batteries are shipped (Posted) Dry. Battery Acid can be purchased from all Good Auto Parts Stores.

We also have a wide range of Battery Carriers, mountings and electrical etc. These can be found listed on our Catalogue

Lead Acid Batteries

Brands such as Aerco, H & TAerco Battery

Dimensions (LxWxH) Ref Voltage AH
135x61x128 12N5.5A-3B 12V 5.5AH
135x90x167 CB14L-A2 12V 14AH
135x76x134 12N7-4B 12V 7AH
136x76x140 12N9-4B 12V 9AH
120x60x129 6N11A-1B 6V 11AH
90x83x161 B49-6 6V 8AH
118x82x158 B38-6A 6V 13AH

Rubber Exide Batteries

Dimensions (LxWxH) Ref Voltage
118x82x158 14075 6V
90x83x161 14074 6V

Exide Battery Boxes

Dimensions (LxWxH) Ref Photo
118x82x158 14077
To accept Cyclon Type Batteries

Exide Battery Box

Large Battery Box ‘Lucas’ BAT05 Lucas Exide Battery Box
14080 Black Flexible Battery Box complete with 2x Sealed for life 6V, 4.5Amp Batteries (can be used as 6v or 12v)

Batteries to suit Exide Boxes

Dimensions (LxWxH) Ref Voltage AH
80x70x105 YB2.5L-C 12V 2.5AH
99x57x108 6N6-3B 6V 6AH

Battery Charger (Trickle Charger)

WE14028 Motorcycle Battery Charger (Trickle Charger)
Power Indicator Light
6Volt/12Volt, 1/2 Amp
Battery Trickle Charger