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We have a very large range of bearings, both new old stock and remanufactured. We also carry crankpin big end assemblies. Search thecatalogue by part number

Period bearing manufacturers were SKF, Hoffman, RHP, Torrington, Timken and Ransome & Marles. Our main stock of bearings are genuine new old stock. We also stock INA/FAG Bearings. You should beware of cheap, pattern imitations!

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Part#Cross Ref numbersDescriptionModel

Needle Roller Timing Side Bearing Conversion Kit

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BSA C15/B40
70-1591MJ 1 1/8 – MS11 – RMS9Ball Bearing
D/S Crank ’39-59
T/S Crank ’54-59
Triumph T100
70-1592MJ1 – RMS8 – MS10 – BRM1T/S Ball BearingTriumph 1939 T100 ’39-47
70-2877 T/S Roller BearingTriumph T100/T120 ’50-53
57-0448LJ31.7Gearbox High Gear Bearing LHTriumph T100 ’39-59
S35-7RLS6Gearbox mainshaft Bearing RHTriumph T100 ’39-59
70-3835SKF6306 – MJ30Main Bearing DSTriumph T100 ’60-68
70-9493SKF NF306 – MRJA30Main Bearing DS
Triumph T100 ’69-74
70-7850 Needle Roller bearing – Conrod bigendBSA Late B40/B50/B44


Crankshaft Main Bearings

SKF6209Ball Bearing, Crankshaft drive sideRoyal Enfield Twins 500/700/750
N209Roller Bearing, Crankshaft timing sideRoyal Enfield Twins 500/700/750
06-4118Crankshaft Main Bearing, FAG Superblend (Brass) Replaces 06-3114Norton Commando

Crankshaft Driveside Main Roller Bearing

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BSA A7/A10 1949-63
Ariel Huntmaster 1954-59

Other Bearings


Part#Cross Ref numbersDescriptionModel
N4965SKF 10-1-132655Hoffman Double Row BearingVauxhall/Sunbeam
W0897Rear Wheel Bearing (Sprung Hub)
XLJ 3. 1/2 JC3 (5″ OD X 3 1/2″ ID X 3/4″ T)
Triumph Pre Unit, Sprung Hub
41-0760A Crankpin Assembly (Needle Roller Type)
C/w bearing and race
Late BSA B40
60-4100 High Gear Bearing Triumph

Gearbox High Gear Bearing

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5 Speed Models
Triumph T120/T140/T150/T160
BSA Rocket 3
T140 Sprag Bearing 60-7291
 Sprag Bearing to suit electric startTriumph T140
97-4031Click Here forSteering Head Race Sets

Taper Head Bearing (2 Required)

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OIF Models
BSA B25/B50/A65/A70
Triumph TR5T/T120/T140/T160/T25

We also carry a range of Alpha Crankpin/Big End Assemblies