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Classic Bike Magazine Feature on BBB’s BSA A50 Wasp
(Classic Bike Magazine, June 1997)

BSA A50 Wasp
See the Article on PDF here BSA A50 Wasp Article (Warning, large file!)

Norton SS650 / Atlas 750 Brochure

Norton SS650 Atlas 750 BrochureNorton SS650 Atlas 750 Brochure

Triumph Bonneville 1964 Road Test
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Triumph Bonneville Roadtest 1964

BSA Victor 500 Brochure with Percy Tait

BSA Victor 500 Brochure, Percy Tait

Celebrating 50 years of The Bonneville!


BSA Advert from “Motor Cycle” 26th February 1969

What’s Waiting for you in ’69? Seven ways to get astride the exciting life-Which is yours?

1. 500cc Royal Star One of the Finest touring machines ever produced by BSA. The powerhouse is a potent 500cc Twin that combines the exhilarating power with satin smoothness. Standard equipment includes 12 volt electrical system, with twin coil ignition, 1″ Amal Carb, New 8″ twin leading shoe front brake, 150mph speedo, and a separate sports headlamp. A new feature on this motorcycle is the oil pressure warning system. The Royal Star is finished in flamboyant aircraft blue and black.
2. 441cc Shooting Star The big brother of the Starfire gives you even more power and the bonus of flexibility at lower rpm. And with the Shooting Star’s power comes the same unfailing reliability. The engine specification includes forged steel flywheels, roller bearing big end and forged steel H section connecting rod. Finish is Peony red, black and chrome.
3. 650cc Lightning The Lightning is a thoroughbred sports model. Definately not for beginners, this 650cc twin is one of the most powerful units in the production motorcycle world. BSA have tamed Lightning’s power enough to make it docile enough for heavy traffic conditions, yet flexible enough to blast you ahead at the drop of the gear. Matched rubber mounted speedo and tach, twin horns, new oil pressure warning system, twin leading shoe front brake, and two way front fork damping are all standard equipment. It’s finished in flamboyant red, black and chrome.
4. 650cc Thunderbolt The 650cc Thunderbolt is the epitome of reliabilty and power. Blurring acceleration plus ultra positive steering and suspension give you a bike that really brings the exciting life home. Standard equipment includes blade mudguards, balanced exhaust system, racing seat, new oil pressure warning system, 8″ twin leading shoe front brake and gaitered front forks. The colour finish is black guards and tank panels
5. 175cc Bantam The Bantam 175 is the aristocrat of the lightweight range. This bike is not a toy, and it has the performance to prove it. The 175cc engine will give you over 60mph. And you can expect fuel economy of around 100 miles per gallon. The Bantam 175 has a four speed box, hydraulically controlled suspension front and rear for optimum riding comfort, and 5 1/2″ brakes for real stopping power. A feature, brand new for this year, is rubber gaitered competition tested front forks. You have a choice of two de luxe finishes: black and chrome or electric blue and chrome.
6. 250cc Starfire This is the fastest production 250 ever made by BSA. The 24BHP race bred engine gives you 90mph performance with acceleration to match. A specially prepared Starfire won the BBC Grandstand Championship. And the standard Starfire has these sports features – Competition forks, racing seat, 12 volt electrics, twin leading shoe front brake, all steel tank with fitted knee grips and QD rear wheel. The ultra modern styling is finished in flamboyant aircraft blue and black.
7. 750cc Rocket 3 Brand new for 1969. The Big One. This is the smoothest machine you’ve ever experienced. The three cylinder layout gives you massive power, 750ccs of it, plus turbine smoothness. The Rocket 3 has three carbs, produces 60bhp and on the basis of tyre area, three times the torque of many popular sports cars. To stop the Rocket 3 you’ll need big brakes. You’ve got them. A big finned twin leading shoe 8″ front brake with cooling scoop and a powerful 7″ rear brake. The electrical system us 12 volt with zener diode charging control.

Royal Enfield GP5 Catalogue
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BSA Rocket 3 Brochure


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