BSA Spares for the Following Models:

BSA Spares

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A series Twins (four-stroke, parallel twin)

  • A7
    • A7 Shooting Star
  • BSA A10 Spares & Parts
    • A10 Golden Flash
    • A10 Road Rocket
    • A10 Super Rocket
    • A10 Super Flash
    • A10 Rocket Gold Star
  • A50
    • A50R Royal Star
    • A50C Cyclone
    • A50W Wasp
  • BSA A65 Spares
    • A65 Star Twin
    • A65L Lightning
    • A65R Rocket
    • A65T Thunderbolt
    • A65H Hornet
    • A65S Spitfire
    • A65F Firebird Scrambler
      BSA A65FS Firebird Scrambler, Canadian Market Version
      Factory Photo of BSA A65 Firebird Scrambler, Canadian Market Model


  • A70L Lightning 750 (Rare!) See the bike owned by BBB

Triples – the BSA Rocket 3/Triumph Trident were co-developed, and resultantly the Rocket3 shares a majority of engine components and cycle parts with the Triumph Trident (see Triumph Motorcycles), but has BSA “slanted” engine cases, and BSA frame and tinware.

  • A75R Rocket3 750
  • A75RV Rocket3 750 – 5 speed
  • A75V Rocket3 750 – 5 speed

B series (4 stroke single cylinder) and (4 stroke twin)

  • B25 Fleet Star
  • B25 Starfire
  • B25 Barracuda
  • B25 SS Gold Star
  • BSA B31 single and B31 Twin (350 cc). B31 frame was used with a Triumph 3T motor to produce this BSA B31 Twin. Very few units were produced, probably prototypes.
  • B32 Gold Star
  • B33
  • B34 Gold Star BSA Gold Star Spares
  • B40 350 Star
  • B40 SS90 (Sports Star 90)
  • B40T Enduro Star
  • WDB40 (Army B40)
  • B44 Victor
  • B44
    • B44SS Shooting Star
    • B44VS Victor Special
    • B44VP Victor GP (Grand Prix)
    • B44EA Victor Enduro
    • B44R Victor Roadster
  • B50
    • B50SS Gold Star 500
    • B50T Victor Trials
    • B50MX Motocross

C series (Four-stroke unit singles)

  • C10
  • C11/C11G: 12 hp (9 kW) – 70 mph (110 km/h) – 85mpg – weight 250 lb (113 kg).

The C11 used a C10 motor fitted with OHV top end. The frame on the C11 was almost unchanged until 1951 when BSA fitted a plunger rear end making only a little improvement to the quality of the ride. Early gearboxes were weak and were known to explode. The C11G was available as a 3 speed with rigid frame or 4 speed with the plunger frame version. Both models had better front brakes than earlier models. This model was a popular all round commuter motorcycle, and many can still be seen around today.

  • C12
(1956 – 1958). 249 cc OHV

Used the C11G engine, fitted with an alternator and swinging fork (known as swinging arm) rear suspension.

  • BSA C15 Parts & Spares
  • C15 Star
  • C15P Star Police
  • C15T Trials
  • C15S Scrambler
  • C15SS80 Sports Star 80
  • C15 Sportsman

BSA Bantam Spares
D series
(Two-stroke single cylinder. BSA Bantam)

M Series (Side Valve, single cylinder)

  • M20
    • WDM20 (Army M20)
  • M21
  • M33

Others (may include some export versions of models listed above)

  • BSA Barracuda
  • BSA Beagle
  • BSA Brigand – late 70s moto-cross style product by NVT with imported 50 cc 2 stroke engine.
  • BSA Dandy 70
  • BSA Sunbeam (Scooters, also produced as Triumph TS1, TW2 Tigress)
    • 175B1
    • 250B2
  • BSA Starfire
  • BSA Rocket Scrambler
  • BSA Rocket Gold Star
  • BSA Fury
  • BSA Hornet
  • T65 Thunderbolt (essentially a Triumph TR6P with BSA Badges)

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