The Floyd Clymer Enfield Interceptor 750cc

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The Indian Enfield Interceptor Chassis was designed and built in Bologna by Leo Tartarini (Italjet Motorcycles*) and fitted with the Royal Enfield MKII Interceptor Engine. These were made especially for Floyd Clymer from USA, who was the owner of the Indian name. It is said that out of the 200 originally ordered engines only 15 bikes were made before Clymer died in January 1970 at the age of 74. The engines were then taken by the receivers and sold on to the Rickman Brothers.
*Italjet motorcycles were perhaps more famous for the Velocette Indian.

A Clymer Advert from 1970
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Standard Royal Enfield Parts used were:
The Engine and Gearbox Unit, Smiths Clocks, Centre Stand, Slightly Modified Exhaust Pipes, Upswept Silencers, Amal MK1 Concentric Carbs.
Other components Fitted were:
Grimeca Twin Leading Shoe Brakes, Borrani 18″ Rims Front and Rear, Pirrelli Tyres, Mozzochi Forks and Rear Suspension Units, CEV Electrics.

Floyd Clymer’s last European jaunt took
him to Monza, Italy,
where he got Cal Rayborn
and Giacomo Agostini together.

Floyd Clymer Motorcycle Division (Official Dealers), 1970 Price $1395.00

With and Italian Frame, English Engine and American name, The Clymer Indian Enfield is an exotic international cocktail.”

Classic Bike magazine, November 1996

Original “Indian” Points Covers

We have a large stock of these from when we acquired the Royal Enfield Factory Stock

Mick Page modelling his specially made Cashmere
“Indian” jumper. A gift from a customer in Bologna.


Customer’s Bikes

The Barber Museum’s Clymer

Clymers On Our Register, Add your bike here!

Frame# Engine# Year GBox# Location Comments
1B-2401X 1970Cheltenham England Imported from USA, Building into a MK2
1B-2408X 1970 France Sold by BBB 08-09-1976
1B-2409X 1970 Royston England
1B-2414X 1970 California USANice complete machine
1B-2415X 1970BG4844 Rakaia New ZealandComplete, mostly original
1B-2416X 1969 BG454 New Plymouth New Zealand
1B-2432X 1970 Seattle USA
1B-2439X 1969 California USA Second owner, since 1974. Sold new by dealer originally in Vallejo, CA.
2441 Ashby de la Zouch UK Frame only, BBB
24421B-2442XBG524BathUKSent to US from Italy May 1970, came to UK from Weymouth MA 2010. Owned by Maurice Mumford, Andrew Legg and Dave Hollyman. Rebuilt jointly, shown at Stafford and Bristol.
1B-2448X 1970 Birmingham, Alabama USANow in the Barber Museum. Pictured Above)
1B-2453X 1970 Massachusetts USA 6905 Miles
1B-2454X 1970BG633 Georgia USA
1B-2473X 1970  Northern IrelandFully Restored
1B-2477X1970Middletown, OhioUSA4400 miles, very original except paint/bars/gas cap/seat cover. Rescued from the proverbial barn. Starts/runs well.
Clymer Interceptor

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