Gearbox Shafts (Gear Clusters)

CNC Machined, Gear Cut and Shaved to full EN36 Original Spec.

Also see Bearings, Gearbox Sprockets

Triumph and BSA Twins and Triples, 5 Speed Gears

Ref Number
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Part #Description
357-4779Mainshaft high gear
657-4370Gearbox Mainshaft
Gearbox Mainshaft
Triumph T140
857-4376Mainshaft 4th gear
957-4377Mainshaft 3rd gear
1157-4653Mainshaft 1st & 2nd Gear
1457-4787Layshaft 4th gear
1557-4647Layshaft 3rd gear
1657-4657Layshaft 2nd gear
1857-4654layshaft 1st gear
1257-4900Layshaft assy c/w high and 4th gear
12a57-4901Layshaft bare

PS170 4 speed Gear Cluster Ass, Wide Ratio to suit 650 Pre Unit and Unit

Many More Available…

Other Gears/Pinions

Part #DescriptionPhoto
41-306324T Mainshaft 3rd Gear (Spinning) BSA B25/B50/TR25W etc.BSA B25/B50 24 tooth Mainshaft 3rd Gear

Gearbox Selector Forks

Many more available.

Part #Description
57-1480Gearbox Selector Fork,
Mainshaft, Triumph 3TA/5TA/T100/TR5T
57-1481Gearbox Selector Fork,
Layshaft, Triumph 3TA/5TA/T100/TR5T
57-4364Gearbox Selector Fork,
Mainshaft 4th, Triumph T140/T150/T160
57-4366Gearbox Selector Fork,
Layshaft 3rd, Triumph T140/T150/T160
57-4660Gearbox Selector Fork,
Layshaft 1st, Triumph T140/T150/T160

Cam Plates

Many more available…

Part #DescriptionPhoto
40-3038Gearbox Camplate –
BSA C15/B40 1959-64
40-3294Gearbox Camplate (Marked T)
BSA C15/B40/B25/B44 – 1969
57-1066Gearbox Camplate –
Does not include indicator rod
Triumph T15/T20
57-1458Gearbox Camplate – Triumph T100/5TA/3TA 1959-63
57-1768Gearbox Camplate – Triumph T100/5TA/3TA 1963-70
57-4026Gearbox Camplate –
67-3332Gearbox Camplate –
BSA A7/A10/B31/B33 Goldstar Roadtrim