Gear Levers


Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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06-1499Chrome Gear LeverNorton Dommie/Commando
40-3073Chrome Gear Lever

BSA C15/B40/B25/B44/B50

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40-3073 BSA Gear Lever
40-3073PChrome Gear Lever, PatternTriumph T15/T20/TR25W/T25
BSA C15/B40/B25/B44/B50
42-3017Chrome Gear Lever
4 1/2″ Overall

BSA A7/A10 Swing Arm 1955on
Also B31/B33/DB Goldstar Clubmans

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42-3017 Chrome Gear Lever BSA A7/A10
57-1164Chrome Gear Lever

Triumph T15/T20/TR25W/T25

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57-1164 Triumph Gear Lever
57-1164PChrome Gear Lever, PatternTriumph T15/T20/TR25W/T25
57-1194Chrome Gear Lever
Replaces 57-0398
Triumph Pre Unit
57-1435Chrome Gear Lever

Unit 350/500 1959 on
Triumph 3TA/5TA/T90/T100

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57-1435 Chrome Gear Lever - Triumph 3TA/5TA/T90/T100
57-3751Chrome Gear LeverTriumph T150
57-3757Chrome Gearchange LeverTriumph T120/X75/T160
BSA Rocket 3
57-7010Chrome Gear Lever, LH ChangeTriumph T140/TSS/TR65
65-3417Chrome Gear Lever, 6″ long

BSA B31/B33/A7/A10 plunger/A10SS

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65-3417 BSA Gear Lever
68-3126Chrome Gear LeverBSA A65 Hornet/A50 Wasp
90-0268Chrome Gear LeverBSA Bantam
G/L1Gear Lever
Fine Spline
Approx 3/4″ dia. Soiled
FC/30FChrome Gear Lever
Indian Made
Royal Enfield 350cc-750cc
Chrome Gear Lever
Indian Made
Enfield Bullet 350cc-500cc

Gear Lever Rubbers

We carry a wide range of rubbers, please searchcatalogue for more info.

Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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04-0086Gear Lever RubberNorton
29-3250Ribbed Gear LeverBSA Pre Unit B31/B33
Gear Lever Rubber, Pear Shape

BSA C15/B40/B25/B44/B50/A50/A65/A10

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89-3208 Gear Lever Rubber BSA/Triumph

Other Parts

Part #DescriptionModelsPhoto
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Gear Change Salvage Shaft (Splined Shaft)

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BSA Bantam/C15/B40/C25/B25
Triumph TR25W