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Regular users will know that we are constantly updating our site. We feel that, as a family business, it is important to keep our service friendly and personalised. Therefore we have decided not to offer an online ordering system. This not only helps us to gain important feedback, but also enables us to make sure that you are receiving the correct parts and advice from our experienced staff.

We are no longer adding prices to our main site as it is much easier to keep our prices up to date on ourcatalogue

Below are some hints and tips to make navigating our site easier.

Browsing for Parts/Information

As you can see, to the left and the top of the pages on this site there are various navigation buttons.e.g. Contact Us

The buttons to the top of the page are mainly information pages. e.g. The Interceptor Information Pages

The buttons to the left are product pages. e.g Tanks

Once you have navigated to a page of interest you can browse the page as normal.

If there is a particularly long page you can hold Ctrl+F to load a search box;

Enter the information you wish to search for and the page will scan down to the item.
Note, this only searches the page which you are currently on! Also check which direction you wish to search.
(If you are at the top of the page choose “Direction – Down” and vice-versa.

When you find a product which you would like to enquire about, please make a note of the part number if available.

If you wish to speak to someone about the product please click on the Contact Us  Navigation Button or Symbol.

This will take you to the email form and other contact details.
To just find the price of the item please click on either the large blue buttonin the top left of the screen or the “Catalogue” navigation button.

This will then enable you to browse the Catalogue.

Searching for Parts in the Catalogue
Adobe Reader is needed to view catalogues.This can be downloaded for free!

Once on the catalogue page you will be given the option of three separate files;

Triumph, BSA and Norton
Royal Enfield and Lucas

Once the relevant file has been chosen the catalogue will open and load.

You will now see a list of all products in the catalogue.

To search either click on the Binocular icon on the left hand side, or hold Ctrl+F to access the search option.
It is advised to search using part numbers.

To zoom in, simply click the + icon on the top of the window.

Placing an Order

To place an order, either click on orContact Us buttons. This will send you to our contact page.

To send an enquiry via our web form simply fill in all of your relevant details and questions and click send.

Other Options include phone, fax or even Post

When making an order please include; part numbers (If possible), Details for method of payment, Name, Billing and Postal Address and telephone number.

We hope you enjoy our site and can find what you are looking for. If you have any comments/suggestions please

Thank You,

The BBB Team!