Royal Enfield Interceptor MK1

MK1 Interceptor 1963/4
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Technical Spec
Engine: 736cc Royal Enfield Four Stroke 71 x 93mm Bore and Stroke
Carburettor: Two Amal monoblocs
Electrics: Lucas 6 volt Magneto (Standard) / 12 volt Rectifier
Suspension: Front, Telescopic Hydraulic Damping Forks, Rear Pivoted Hydraulic Damping Forks
Hubs: Front, Full Width Light Alloy, Rear, Quickly Detachable

New Features for the 1965 TT Interceptor:
Magneto with Automatic advance and Retard
Seperate Alloy Cylinder Heads
Two Fuel Taps
Easy Release Clutch with 20% More lining Area
Highly Polished Alloy Fork Crown, Mounting Tachometer and Speedo
New Styled Dual Seat
New Headlight Mountings.

“Only Royal Enfield has Automatic NEUTRAL FINDER-Cuts shifting by 50%”
TT Interceptor Distributors
Cooper motors, LA
Joe Schotthoefer, Michigan
Shillingford & Son, Philadelphia
Sam Avellino, Massachusetts
Customer’s Bikes

The Barber Museum Interceptor

Cristoph Lorenz’s MK1

George Semar’s Interceptor in Tennessee

Lew Martin’s Mk1 Fully restored (New Zealand)

Norm Keen’s MK1 in Melbourne, Australia

Joes MK1 Interceptor in Arizona


TT Interceptor, “Cycle World” Road Test at 120.5MPH

Royal Enfield Records
Ron O’Brien – 1964 Interceptor, 107.13MPH, 1/4 mile Drags, E.T. 12.57 Fontana
Del Shoemaker – 700cc – No Streamlining, 136.5MPH, 1/4 mile Drags E.T. 10.65, Fontana
Jimmie Enz – 700cc – No Streamlining 153MPH At Bonneville 


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Royal Enfield Tank Badges ?42.00 Pair

“Watch Out On the M5! Two 750 Royal Enfield Interceptor Airflow Machines Are To Be Put On The Motorway Beat By Worcestershire Police”

Worcestershire Police Taking their New MKI’s, 2nd May 1963
The Bike on the Right has been owned by BBB since 1979

Phil Sampford’s MK1 fitted with a Watsonian Palma Sidecar outside John O’Groats in 1984. The bike has travelled to every county in Britain!

MK1 Interceptors in Our Register
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Frame#Engine#YearGeabox#Location Information
11085 YA-15021 Alameda. New Mexico USA Original tin, seat, rebuilt? motor
10911 YA-15083 AGD 210 OKLA. CITY USA Rigid, H.D. FRT. END, H.D. Disc Brks.
YA-15208 ACH 252 Washington DC USA Set of Engine cases
YA-15212 1962/3 Langley, BC Canada Cases, cams and gearbox only
70553 YA-15214 1962 AGZ 1845 Melbourne Australia Unrestored
YA-15217 1963 Denver, CO USA
6162 YA-15271 1963 Clevedon England Twin Carb
11232 YA-15272 1963 Ashby De La Zouch England Ex-Police Model, In need of Restoration
11254 YA-15294 1963 AGD865 Cambridgeshire England Ridden to every County in Britain as a combination
YA-15295 1963 Ashby de la Zouch England Bought New From Wilemans, In need of Restoration
YA-15300 1963 South Carolina USA Half crankcase only
11754 YA-15305 1963 South Carolina USA Up and running feebly since 1980
YA-15308 1963 New South Wales Australia
YA-15311 1963 AGS614 Pennsylvania USA twin carb engine/trans only. trans numbered to engine
11779 YA-15329 1963 NOS
San Ramon, California USA Very stock, owned since 1973, 17K miles
Sold new from Shores Motors, always running, now restoring

I purchased this bike from and transported it from SanFransisco to Tasmania.
I was told that it was stored inside and not used for 25 to 30 years
I am now cleaning it up ready to hopefully use and enjoy

YA-15348 1963 AGT208 PA USA Complete motor and trans in ‘bobber’ frame,frame re-numbered to match motor
11808 YB-15379 1963 AGT459 Springfield, Illinois USA Rebuilt at 4000 miles, Runs Fine
YA-15402 Dallas, TX USA This bike seems to be a mix of years but I believe its a 1963 or 1964
YA-154261963AGU269TaranakiNew ZealandHybrid 1953 Meteor – 1963 Interceptor motor and gear box, Indian Enfield Disc front end
YA-15429 Essex England Engine Only
YB-15463 Ashby de la Zouch England Engine Only, Machined Cylinders and Triumph Pistons
11295 YB-15465 1963 Somerset England Off the road for 3 years but back for next Manx GP!
YB-15570 1963 New South Wales Australia
11981 YB-15581 1964 Ilmington England Despatched to USA 31/01/1964, Re-imported to Shores 2005.
Blaze red, recently restored.
11318 YB-15598 1965 Chicago USA Arguably the most underrated British motorcycle of the period
YB-15609 1964 New South Wales Australia
9958 YB-15620 1964 AGV 702 Melbourne Australia Unrestored…Frame 9958 to replace frame 62956….this frame has been cut and chopperized
11321 YB-15641 1964 Paris France Worst bike ever designed ! Looks good though.
11333YB-157051964AGX351Aylesbury, BuckinghamshireEnglandGood condition, first registered 1st April 1964
10163 YB-15707 1964 AGX615 Derbyshire England Restored by BBB over 30 years ago. Mk2 chassis.
11342 YB-15723 1964 AGX951 Somerset England Boyer ignition, new concentric carbs
YB-15774 1964 AGZ3253 Torquay England Being rebuilt at the moment
11369 YB-15826 1964 AGY469 Kent England Owned for 15 Years, Purchased Privately in Robertsbridge
11387 YB-15833 1964 AGY321 Heist Germany Bike was originally delivered to Iran, came from Romania to Germany
62717 YB-15864 1964 AGZ82 Tisbury,Mass. USA
62737 YB-15905 1964 AGZ515 Crediton Devon England Awaiting restoration
11382 YB-15917 1963 AGZ500 Torquay England Purchased in 1978. restored 1988 and has been on the road
ever since covering 40000 miles, now only used in summertime
62772 YB-15921 1964 AGZ502Terneuzen Netherlands US Import, via Kent
11396 YB-15944 1964 AGZ812 Woodbridge, Suffolk England Owned since 1966, On the road but cosmetically poor
73176 YB-15976 1965 AGZ2823 Zurich Switzerland Import from England to Switzerland approx. 1995
62809 YB-15996 1964 AGZ1000 Seligman, AZ USA Third owner ,last registered in California in 1974 the second owner had it for 41 years and it has sat for over 30 years. I believe it to be 90% complete and will be doing a restoration as it is “barn fresh”
62825 YB-15981 1964 Calgary Alberta Canada Nearing completion by Spring 08
11917 YB-16001 Sunderland England US Import, 10,000 miles, On the Road
62884 YB-16058 1965 Birmingham, Alabama USA Pictured Above. Now in the Barber Museum.
11421 YB-16063 Ashby de la Zouch England In Need of Restoration
62904 YB-16076 1965 AGZ1515 Cornwall England Original, currently being re-commissioned.
11425YB-160911964 KelkheimGermany

Date dispatched by the factory Dec. 22-1964 to Detlev Louis of Hamburg, it’s one of only two handful bikes coming directly to Germany. Detlev Louis was an Importer for a vast range of British bikes and then began also distributing KAWASAKI in 1969. He is over 90 years and still alive, spoke to him before last Christmas! Louis was the first owner and he stated to me in a letter around beginning of the 1990ies that this was his own personal bike. As far as I know he also rode RE in racing. He posessed the bike approx. up to 1971. The Lady was moderately modified by his mechanics and was then given to a motorcycle mechanic in Munich. He began again modifying the bike between end of 1971 under steady developments up to 1974.

Various Mods!

62929 YB-16094 1965 Lidkoping Sweden Rusty but original, very good runner, US
YB-16112 1965 Derby England US Import
62957 YB-16113 1965 AGZ1488 Washington DC USA Amid restoration
62926 YB-16123 1965 New York USA Last registered California 1984 Minor wreck Just purchase April 2008 after 25 years barn storage
63009 YB-16124 1965 Jan AGH401 Wiltshire England Currently a basket case undergoing full restoration. Many parts needed.
62941 YB-16138 1965 Ojai, California USA
62946 YB-16159 1965 AGZ1552 Plantation/Florida USA Owned since 1972 restoring now
62968YB-161701965AGZ1528Durango, ColoradoUSA

Have owned the bike since 1973; in storage 1980 to 2007. Complete, original bike with 14,011 miles on odometer. Currently undergoing restoration by owner.

63011 YB-16191 1965 AGZ1443 W-S, NC USA Now Fully Restored!
63022 YB-16216 1965 South Carolina USA Single carb, not restored yet.
63037 YB-16231 1965 AGZ1640 Daytona, Florida USA Owned since 1974, sold by Avellino’s, restored
63046 YB-16242 1965 UK Imported from Florida
63044 YB-16264 1965 AGZ1622 Owned since 1967
YB-16276 1965 AGZ1670 Stafford UK Wedgewood Blue, US import from California.
Under restoration
70421 YB-16295 1965 PA USA
69849YB-163181965AGZ1699CambridgeUKUndergoing refurb to Mk1A spec
70457 YB-16336 1965 Kalispell, Montana USA
70480YB-163371965AGZ1734StaffordUKImported from South Carolina, USA.
For restoration
YB-16339 1965 Detroit USA Un restored Original, runs well.
70461 YB-16343 1966 Brush Prairie, Washington USA Smooth, torquey engine. Pretty red paint
70467YB-163521965AGZ1770Reno, NVUSAThis bike is a basket case and has not been together since 1971 but restoration will begin
YB-16360 1965 Torquay England Engine Only
62786 YB-16378 1965 AGZ1450 Bakersfield, CA USA Slight custom with holed LH piston all stock sheet metal, now under construction
70509 YB-16396 1965 AGZ1811 Niagra Falls Canada New Mexico Desert sled under restoration
YB16398 1965 Ontario Canada
70532 YB-16426 1965 AGZ1829 Victoria,B C. Canada Rolling chassis, needs sheet metal, tank etc
YB-16511 1965 Ashby de la Zouch England Single Carb. Engine Only
70604 YB-16544 1965 Metro manila Philippines Only one in the Philippines? Restored, US and UK Parts
70678YB-165781965AGZ1985Forest Hill , QueenslandAustralia 
70691 YB-16585 1965 AGZ1989 Auburn Hills, MI USA All original bike except for bars, My dad’s, 6000 miles
70490 YB-16589 1965 AGZ1782 Nashville, Tn USA Dad bought it new in ’64, sat waiting for attention 1977-2005 ,(rode about once a year). Shined up and ridden for a week or two in 2005 then transported to Tn to it’s my new home in Nashvill. First new tags since 1991 in Aug 2007, ride it on weekends now. All stock except for some new chrome and new tires.
YB-16600 1965 AGZ1976 Lemont, Pennsylvania USA
70772 YB-16623 1965 AGZ2049 Melbourne Australia Rugged but fun and a great Club RECOA
70732 YB-16625 1965 AGZ2069 Plantation/Florida USA Accumulating parts for restoration, owned since 1973
11895 YB-16659 1965 AGZ2076 New Plymouth New Zealand Under restoration
11/08 Restoration complete, now on the road. Has many 1A features for November 1965.
70775 YB-16680 1965 AGZ2135 Towcester England Repatriated by Hitchcocks. Has some 1A features, which were
optional in late 65. Does not appear in REOC registers (this block of
numbers missing) but thought to be November 65.
70796 YB-16694 1966 AGZ2175 Newbury, Berkshire England All Original, Imported from USA in 2007. Last used in 1980
70798 YB-16697 1966 Attendorn Germany Restored
70789YB-167021966AGZ2178Goleta , CaliforniaUSARunning bike. May restore
70841 YB-16747 1966 AGZ2229 Tipton, West Midlands England Full restoration completed 2008. Ex USA bike in Candy Apple Red.
YB-16755 Ashby de la Zouch England In Need Of Restoration
73152 1966 Arlington, Washington USA
998 YB-16765 1968 Dordrecht Netherlands Engine and frame were in very bad condition .Restoration will take one more year. Was sold in Holland, new ,in 1970. About 8 Interceptors were exported to the USA in 67/68 were not sold, then sent to Holland in 1970,registration as stage 1
11117 1A-909 1963/1967 AGZ3418 Aransas Pass, Texas USA This machine is a ’63 Mk1 with a later Mk1A engine. I have the original engine as well (15064)
62596 YC-16842 1964/1968 ALL87 Kaarina Finland Engine is from MK1A, gearbox is from supermeteor. ignition is Boyer electric.
11353 10841 1964/1960 Shropshire England Airflow standard model, constellation engine