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Classic Motorcycle Breakers

We have been operating as motorcycle breakers since 1978 and have dealt with a huge range of bikes, be it British, Japanaese or Italian.

If you are looking for Classic Bike Parts, or if you want to sell your bike, we can help! We also stock a great range of Motorcycles for sale, from Classic Triumphs, to Suzukis, give us a try!

Classic Motorcycles for Sale from Motorcycle Breakers

At Burton Bike Bits, we have a great range of Classic Motorcycles for sale. These vary from being total restoration projects, to pristine classics which wouldn’t look out of place in a museum.

You can See a range of our Classic Bikes For Sale here

We Buy Classic Motorcycles

We may be motorcycle breakers, but we don’t break all of the bikes which come into our possession. Some motorcycles are just to good to break! So if you want your pride and joy to go to a good home, rest assured that we will find one for it. We have a network of buyers all over the world who are waiting for motorcycle restoration projects to add to their collections. So if you have a motorcycle to sell, fill in the form below and one of our team will come back to you straight away.

Classic Motorcycle Parts For Sale

Restoring a classic motorycle can be tough, but finding parts can be even harder. We carry over 30,000 new parts for BSA, Triumph, Norton and Royal Enfield. But we also carry a huge range of second hand classic bike parts. So if you aren’t keen on wandering around autojumbles looking for that hard to find part, get in touch as we may just have what you are looking for!

Below you will see a video of one of our second hand stores, as you can see, we have quite a range of stock!