Past Projects

The following bikes have been fully restored here at Burton Bike Bits and make superb restoration projects. We can supply all of the parts needed!

Classic Bike Magazine Feature on BBB’s BSA A50 Wasp
(Classic Bike Magazine, June 1997)

BSA A50 Wasp
See the Article on PDF here BSA A50 Wasp Article (Warning, large file!)




Cafe Racer Bullet (As featured in Classic Bike Magazine),

Fitted with an alloy barrel originally intended for the Woodsman and Fury models of the 60’s,  replacing the cast iron original. The original alloy head is retained but modified to twin plug (both 14mm), with Boyer Powerbox and dual output coil. Carb mounting stud positions have been re-machined to accept an Amal Monobloc with Bellmouth (also Amal Concentric can be fitted). The inlet has been ported and a thin stem inlet valve fitted. Valve springs are Gold Star-type.

    The glass fibre fuel tank was originally styled for the MKII Royal Enfield Interceptor(complete with cap). The fibreglass  rear seat is a BBB item (?96.00) with a Royal enfield badge in the hump, in a similar fashion to the lightning clubman.

    The sweptback pipe is a modified BSA Goldstar pattern, as is the silencer. Akront 19in alloy rims with Avon AM20 tyres, Hagon shocks, front brake cooling discs, Monza bars, British style L564 Lucas rear light.

We have recently fitted ourAlloy hard anodized splined clutch drum and plates which has improved the comfort, as much of the vibration has been eliminated. It also improves the life span of the gearbox bearings.

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BSA A70 Lightning 750cc (As Featured in Classic Bike magazine 10/1/1995)BBB A70 Roadtest
Only 200 BSA 750c.c. twin cylinder machines were built at the start of the 1972 season. All 200 were then shipped to the United States, together with the all time spares requirements to service them.


The A.M.A approved the A70L for competition on September 11, 1971. This model has a 75mm bore and an 85mm stroke, and a compression ratio of 9.5 to 1.

If you own an A70, we have now started a BSAA70 register, please register your bike and view the info page.


BSA A70 Burton Bike Bits

Below is Alastair McQuaid’s A70 Trackmaster as featured in BSAOC Star Newsletter in Autumn 2005.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 250cc