Petrol Pipe Assemblies

We can supply assemblies for most models. These are listed by part number on the catalogue

Also see Petrol Taps

Part # Description Models Photo
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40-8081 GENUINE Petrol Pipe Assembly

Monobloc Carbs

BSA C15/B40
82-3355 Petrol Pipe Assembly – Clear Plastic Pipe Triumph X75 Hurricane Triumph X75 Hurricane Petrol Pipe Assembly
82-8409 Petrol Pipe Assembly BSA A65L/A65S 1968/70 BSA A65 Lightning/Spitfire Petrol Pipe Assembly
82-9436 Petrol Pipe Assembly – Black Pipe Triumph T150/T160/
Triumph/BSA Triple Petrol Pipe Assembly
CL518 Armoured Petrol pipe ass

7/16″ gas nuts both ends

Various Armoured Petrol Pipe

Petrol Pipe

Reinforced, Ethanol resistant Petrol pipe. Can also be used as oil pipe.

Can be supplied in any length

Part # Description
PS174C 1/8″ Rocker Oil Pipe
BSA A65/Triumph
PS174D 1/4″ Petrol/Oil Pipe
PS174E 5/16″ Petrol/Oil pipe
PS174F 3/8″ Petrol/Oil Pipe

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