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At Burton Bike Bits we are Big Fans of the Royal Enfield Interceptor. We have Created This section, along with the register in order to further our knowledge of The Bike and it’s History. We Also Intend The Site to be of Interest To Our Customers.

The Records are currently sorted by Engine number.

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Original Factory Photo

Royal Enfield Intercepor Factory Photo Royal Enfield Interceptor Girl

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Information Pages

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Index of Models
700      MK1     MK1A    MK2    MK3     Indian     Rickman  Other Developments



Royal Enfield Interceptor Modifications


Alloy Rear Brake Plate
Stronger than Original MK1 Plate!
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Alloy Clutch Drum & Sprocket
Reduce weight and Improve Performance!
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Royal Enfield Interceptor Dust Covers

“Go Interceptor T-Shirts (XL Only)


Go Interceptor Poster 

Royal Enfield Interceptor Poster

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The Royal Enfield Buy Out

In 1981 Burton Bike Bits Purchased The Entire Royal Enfield ex-factory Stock From Aerco Jig & Tool, who in 1971 purchased the Bradford-on-Avon Factory and all Stock as well as the Veloce stock. This included Large Quantities of un-machined parts as well as assemblies, i.e.. engines, wheels, gearboxes etc. There was also reams of literature including Brochures, Parts Books and Drawings.

Burton Bike Bits still have vast stocks of these ORIGINAL Items which cannot be found elsewhere. We have also re-manufactured a large range of spares to the original factory drawings.

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