Royal Enfield Modifications

Also seeRoyal Enfield Splined Alloy Clutch Assembly

45527    Front Frame Tube Bottom Cast Lug  
These are Genuine New old Stock, not usually a separate item.
Perfect for fixing a damaged frame.
Royal Enfield Front Frame Tube Bottom Cast Lug


144705/142882 Twin Leading Shoe Brake Plate Assembly             
Suitable for Royal Enfield 350cc-750cc fitted with a 7″ full width hub

Slight Modification to hub required- Centre of hub needs to be machined to fit flush with the sealed bearing (Felt washer no longer required) This enables to brake plate to seat properly.

Also suitable for the Indian 350/500 Bullet with 7″ Hub


Front Brake Drum – High Performance Modification         
Suitable for MK2 Interceptor (8″ Twin Leading Shoe Front Brake)

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To stiffen up the two leading shoe front brake assembly, thereby providing an appreciable improvement in braking figures for high performance purposes, a support plate is introduced. The support plate ties in a precise relationship between both brake cams and pivot pins. The support plate is shown in the illustration. The parts required to convert an existing brake are available in kit, Part No.50085B, comprising:-


Brake support plate


Pivot / Torque stop pin


Pivot pin


Expander cam


Set screw, support plate


Tab washer



The Kit comes complete with full fitting instructions.



Alloy Rear Brake Plate

All of the 350/500/700 and early 750 MK1’s were originally fitted with a full width alloy hub/ 7″ brake with a steel plate. However it is very common for these steel brake plates to buckle or break under heavy use.

In order to remedy this, we have made available an alloy brake plate which is much stronger than the steel one. These were fitted as standard to the late MK1/MK1A and MK2 Interceptors. These are genuine, new old stock.

All parts are interchangeable except a new stub spindle and spring are required. The outer spacer is no longer required.

Alloy Brake Plate
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49694Alloy Brake Plate
46385Stub Spindle
49562Return Spring (For Inclined silencers)
46384Return Spring (For Low silencers)


Alloy Hard Anodized Splined Clutch Drum & Sprocket
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Alloy Rockerset

Light Alloy Rocker Bearing blocks, doweled for perfect alignment.

Suitable for all Bullets.

Reduce noise and excess wear on the Cam Gears and Tappets.


 Frame Lug Headsteady   

Original Castings from the Factory
Standard on all post ’60 Interceptor frames, Modify your pre ’60 frame in order to fit the later head steady brackets


45376Genuine Royal Enfield Meteor Minor Sports Piston

70mm, 8:1 Compression, STD

Royal Enfield
250/350/700 models as a High Compression Alternative