Handle Bars

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Part #DescriptionModelPhoto
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E30Chrome Handlebar – Braced UniversalVarious ModelsBraced Motorcycle Handlebars

Handlebar – Braced, 7/8″

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Norton G15CS/N15CS/P11/P11A 1966-687/8' Braced Motorcycle Handlebars

Chrome Handlebar – Flats 7/8″

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Norton Flat Type Model 99, Atlas 650
Vincent Singles/Twins
Norton Flat Handlebars
06-1046Handlebar – Semi WesternNorton Commando (Fastback, Interstate, Roadster)Norton Commando Handlebars 06-1046
40-4960Handlebar – Western/US

BSA A75 Rocket 3 1969-70
B25/C25/B44 1967-70

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40-4960 BSA 7/8' Handlebars A75 B25 B44
42-4968Handlebar – Western US

BSA A50/A65 1966-70, A7/A10 1959-63 , A10RGS & DBD Goldstar

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42-4968 Handlebars US/Western Style - BSA A50/A65/A7/A10
42-4970Chrome Clip-on Handlebars with welded lugs

BSA DB32/DBD34 Goldstar

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42-4970/2 Chrome Clip on Handlebars - BSA DBD Goldstar
65-4960Handlebar – Low
7/8″ diameter

BSA A7/A10/B31/B33/A65

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BSA Handlebars 65-4960
68-4980Handlebar – US Spec

BSA A65/A70 Oil in Frame

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BSA A65 OIF Handlebars
90-4978Chrome Handlebar – 7/8″ with welded lugsBSA D1/D3 Bantam 
97-1511Handlebar – Knurled
7/8″ diameter
BSA A65 71/72 US 
97-1870Handlebar – Knurled, 33 1/2″ Wide x 6″ Lift, 7/8″ diameter

Triumph X75/TR6R/TR6C/T120R/T150D

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Triumph Handlebars 97-1870 Knurled
97-1871Handlebar –  UK Spec
7/8″ diameter

Triumph T100/T120
BSA R3 MK1`64-70

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Triumph/BSA Handlebars 97-1871
97-4252Handlebar – Knurled (Export)
7/8″ diameter

BSA Rocket 3 Mk2
Triumph T100/T120

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97-4252 Chrome Export Handlebars - BSA Rocket 3 / Triumph T100/T120
97-7001Handlebar – Knurled
US Spec, 7/8″ Dia

Triumph T140 Bonneville/TR7 Tiger

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97-7001 US Handlebars Triumph T140/TR7
97-7041Handlebar – Knurled UK Spec, 7/8″ Dia

Triumph T140 Bonneville/TR7 Tiger 1979-82

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97-7041 Chrome Handlebar - Triumph TR7 Tiger/T140 Bonneville 1979-82
49708Handlebar – Braced, 7/8″

Royal Enfield Interceptor MK1A/MK2

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7/8' Braced Motorcycle Handlebars
XX44493Handlebar – 1″ diameter

Indian Chief, Suitable for Customs etc

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Indian Chief Handlebars
Clip-ons 35mm (1 3/8″)Norton Atlas
Various Norton/Royal Enfield, Triumph etc Cafe Racer
Norton Atlas Clip-on Handlebars
84007Universal Ace Bar

Various Cafe Racer Style

Now replaced by new and improved HB563 Ace Bars

Universal AceBar Handlebars, Cafe Racer Style
HB563Universal Ace Handlebar
26″ Wide overall,
7 1/2″ handle,
7″ centre mounting,
7/8″ diameter

Various including BSA A65 Lightning Clubman

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Ace Bars Handlebars

Handlebar Mountings

Part #DescriptionModelPhoto
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97-0660Handlebar U-BoltTriumph T20/Pre UnitTriumph Handlebar U-Bolt 97-0660
97-2291Handlebar P clamp eye boltBSA A65/A70
Triumph T120/T150/T140/T160/X75 Hurricane
97-2291ASSHandlebar P clamp eye bolt assembly, c/w bushes etc

BSA A65/A70
Triumph T120/T150/T140/T160/X75 Hurricane

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97-2291 P Clamp assembly Triumph/BSA