Triumph TRW 500cc Military

We have made this brief history page as there is currently very little information on the internet about the Triumph TRW. We also have a wide range of spares for these bikes, for example, complete engines/gearboxes.

Triumph TRW 500cc Side Valve MK3The Triumph TRW was designed in 1943, but by the time the bike was finished, the war was over and the military had a surplus of bikes left over. In 1948 the TRW was released in it’s final form and were sold to the British Army as well as other branches of the military, at home and abroad. This continued until the 1960s.

The 500cc side valve engines were used with many of the commercial productions machines in order to keep costs low.
MK1      BTH Magneto Model
MK2     BTH Magneto Model
MK2B    DKX2 Distributor, 1 ignition coil
MK3      Contact Breaker, twin Coil Ignition

The TRW was used by various countries for Military purposes around the world, including; Canada, Pakistan, Holland, Germany, South Africa…

Classic Motorcycle January 1994: “In a production run from 1950 to 1964 Triumph turned out 15,939 machines. Some reached other arms of the British services, but the vast majority were exported.”

Burton Bike Bits now have a very large range of parts and spares for TRW models. See below or search our catalogue using part numbers.

New Old Stock Parts from USA

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Military Dispatch Riders Rubberizd Overcoat

You can now really look the part on your Triumph TRW or other military motorbike with a genuine dispatch riders overcoat.

WW2 Rubberized overcoatGenuine, New WW2 Rubberized Dispatch Riders Coat

Made in 1943 by Victory Garment Manfacturers – Government Contractors

  • Size 11 – Height of man 6’1″ to 6’2″. Breast of man overjacket 41ins to 43ins (other sizes may be available on request)
  • 11849 U/860
  • Leg Straps

Very good condition, never worn.

The back of the jacket comes up to the crotch and is held using press studs. This keeps the rider completely dry. The coat underwent stringent weather testing before being introduced in 1942.

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Triumph TRW Parts

Below are a few of the parts which we have available for TRW.Contact us for more info.

All of the below are Genuine NOS unless stated otherwise. Some parts are boxed, obviously we do now want to rip the boxes open.

Triumph TRW Parts Books and Manuals also available

Part # Description Photo
(Click To Enlarge)
W270A WM3x19 Dunlop Rear Wheel rim only, Army GreenSuitable for Triumph TRW, plus Various BSA and Triumph models with cotton reel hub Dunlop Wheel Rim WM3x19 W270A

W351 WM2x19 Dunlop Front Wheel rim only, Army Green or RedSuitable for Triumph TRW & 3T 5T 6T T100 up to 1956 Dunlop Wheel Rim WM2x19 W351
W888 WM3x19 Dunlop Chrome Rear Wheel, c/w
W951 7″ Drum
W861 Hub
W762 Rear Brake Anchor plate complete assembly
Bearings and Spindle etc

W937 WM2x19 Dunlop Front Wheel, c/w
W940 7″ Drum (Qualcast)
W573A Hub,
W585 Front Brake Anchor Plate Complete assembly
W578 Spindle
Bearings etcSuitable for Triumph TRW & 3T 5T 6T T100 up to 1956Buy Online
W397 Front Wheel Assembly Triumph

W938 WM2x19 Dunlop Front Wheel, C/w
W940 7″ Drum (Qualcast), and W573A Hub, Army GreenSuitable for Triumph TRW & 3T 5T 6T T100 up to 1956Buy Online
WM2 x 19' Dunlop Front Wheel Genuine NOS - Triumph

Triumph TRW Taper Rear Wheel Bearings
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW Kick Start Quadrant
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW Kickstart Quadrant
Inner Chaincase Cover
Triumph TRW
Triumph TRW Inner Chaincase 57-0889
Triumph TRW Chainguard, Army Green
Genuine New Old StockBuy Online
T993 Chainguard - Triumph TRW GENUINE NOS
Primary Chaincase Cover (Alternator Type)
Genuine New Old Stock, in Army Packaging
Triumph TRW Primary Chaincase Cover
Triumph TRW Gearbox Assembly
Also suitable for Triumph Rigid 3T/5T/T100/6T
Triumph TRW Gearbox Assembly (T1336)
57-1336KIT Triumph TRW Gearbox kit, For self assembly
Also suitable for Triumph Rigid 3T/5T/T100/6T
Triumph TRW Gearbox Kit
Complete Clutch Assembly
Triumph TRWBuy Online
T1360 Complete Clutch - Triumph TRW / 5T Speed Twin
Front Brake Cable
Triumph TRW
Triumph TRW Front Brake Cable 60-0247
Black Flexible Battery Box complete with 2x Sealed for life 6V, 4.5Amp Batteries (Can be used as 6v or 12v) Reproduction
Triumph TRW Timing Cover
(In original army packaging)
Triumph TRW Timing Cover
Triumph TRW Camshaft
Genuine New Old Stock

Buy Online

70-2301 (E2301) Camshaft (Genuine NOS) - Triumph TRW
Conrod for Triumph TRW
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW Conrod
Oil Pump Ass, Genuine New Old Stock

Buy Online

Triumph TRW Oil Pump 70-2354
70-2795S/S Stainless Oil Pressure Release Valve, with indicator button
UK Made reproduction
Stainless pop-out release valve, Triumph TRW
70-2806/7 Cranksase Assembly complete with

  • E2331 Main Bearin Bush
  • E1591 Ball Bearing
  • E2926 Oil Seal

Genuine NOS

Buy Online

E2806/7 Triumph TRW Crankcase Assembly
Oil Seal, Crankshaft Drive Side

Buy Online

E2926 Oil Seal - Crank Shaft Drive Side Bearing - Triumph TRW
Siamese Exhaust Pipes, Chrome

Buy Online

Siamese Exhaust Pipes - Triumph TRW
Triumph TRW Cylinder Head
Genuine NOSBuy Online
Triumph TRW Cylinder HeadTriumph TRW Cylinder Head
UK MadeBuy Online
Triumph TRW Silencer 70-3450
Engine Sprocket 19T
Other sizes available (17T/21T/22T/23T/24T)
Triumph TRW
Triumph TRW Engine Sprocket E3108
Triumph TRW Cylinder Barrel
63mm bore, Genuine New Old Stock, Ex Canadian Army, Still wrapped in original Canadian Army Packaging
Barrel only, Pistons available separatelyBuy Online
Triumph TRW Cylinder Barrel 70-3524Triumph TRW Cylinder barrels
Contact Breaker Housing, c/w points plate, A & R etc Contact breaker assembly Triumph TRW 70-5813
Triumph TRW Knee Grips
Made in EnglandBuy Online
Triumph TRW Pre Unit Knee Grips 82-1605/6
Right Hand Front Footrest
Triumph TRW
Triumph TRW Front Footrest F3114
82-3079 Triumph TRW Sump Guard
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW Sump Guard
Triumph TRW Side Stand Ass
Genuine NOSBuy Online
Triumph TRW Side Stand
Carb Inlet Hose Rubber
Triumph TRW
Carb Inlet Hose Rubber Triumph TRW 82-3114
Rear Mudguard c/w Tailguard
Painted Green with gold pin
Genuine NOSBuy Online
F3126 Triumph TRW Rear Mudguard
Rear Tail Guard
Painted Green with gold pin
Genuine NOSBuy Online
Painted Rear Tailguard - Triumph TRW
Rear Mudguard Bracket/Support Stay
Genuine NOSBuy Online
F3131 Triumph TRW Rear Mudguard Stay
Petrol Tank New and Secondhand
Triumph TRWBuy Online
Carb Inlet Hose Rubber Triumph TRW 82-3114
Triumph TRW Rear Number Plate
Triumph TRW Rear Number Plate
Solex Petrol Pipe Assembly
1/4″ Gas/Banjo
Genuine NOSBuy Online
82-3879 (F3879) Petrol Pipe Assembly Triumph TRW
Triumph Handlebar Grips
High Quality UK MadeBuy Online
97-0382A Triumph TRW Fork Stanchions
UK MADE, Reproduction
97-0566 Triumph TRW Front Mudguard
UK Made ReproductionBuy Online
Triumph TRW Front Mudguard 97-0566
Triumph TRW MK1/MK2 Nacelle Top Cover
Genuine New Old Stock
Buy Online
97-0759 Fork Nacelle Top Cover (NOS) - Triumph TRW MK1/MK2
Triumph TRW Fork Bottom Yoke
Buy Online
97-0970 Fork Bottom Yoke (NOS) - Triumph TRW MK2/MK3
26WH/1552 Solex Triumph TRW Carburettor

Buy Online

Solex Triumph TRW Carburettor
26WH/2 Solex Carb Overhaul Kit

Buy Online

CP105 Triumph TRW Pistons
in Std/+20/+40
Genuine NOSBuy Online
Triumph TRW Pistons
ENTRW-ASS Triumph TRW Engine Kit – Most major parts needed to assemble engine Triumph TRW Engine Kit
ENTRW-2B Triumph TRW Engine
c/w Carb and distributor
MK2 and MK3 available
Reconditioned (by Canadian Army)
Triumph TRW Engine for sale
LU466168 Alternator Stator, Hexagon
Triumph TRW
Lucas Hexaganol Alternator Rotor LU466168
LU466230/ LU465969 Alternator Rotor, Genuine NOS Lucas
Triumph TRWBuy Online
LU466230/LU465969 Lucas Alternator Rotor - Triumph/ Royal Enfield
LU838591 Triumph TRW Wiring Harness
MK2 (PRS8 Switch, DKX2A Distributor)Buy Online
Triumph TRW wiring harness
MC123 Triumph TRW Wiring Harness
MK3 (Coil ignition, twin contact breaker)
UK Made ReproductionBuy Online
Triumph TRW Wiring Harness
CY89349 BTH Generator Complete
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW MK1/MK2Buy Online
BTH Generator (Stator & Rotor) NOS - Triumph TRW MK1/MK2
CY110232-G1 Bakelite Swith Complete BTH
Genuine NOS
Triumph TRW MK1Buy Online
Bakelite BTH Light Switch (NOS) - Triumph TRW MK1

Triumph TRW for Sale

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Make : TriumphModel : TRWCC`s   : 500 ccYear : 1956Frame number :TRW 25113NA Now Sold Triumph TRW for Sale

Triumph TRW Canadaian Army

We have lots of customers in Canada who purchased their bikes in the mid sixties from Army Surplus. Below you will see an advert taken from the Northwest Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd (551 Logan Ave, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada). Thanks to Bill White for this image!

Triumph TRW Advert

Triumph TRW Register

We are putting together a register for the Triumph TRW to establish where the bikes currently reside, their condition, and where they were originally shipped to.

Please note, the TRW Register has now moved to Classic Bike History

Engine/Frame # Year Shipped to Current Location Condition
TRW 6128NA 1951 Saudi Arabia Leeds, UK BTH Ignition, on the Road
TRW 6231NA 1951 Keighley, W Yorks, UK Converted to a Trials bike
TRW 14304NA 1951 Cape Town, South Africa Mablethorpe, UK Original Condition
TRW 22019NA Cyprus Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK Found in Northern Cyprus in 1991 dumped under an olive tree 3 miles from the main road under Five Finger Mountain. Probably ex RAF
85% Restored.
TRW 22338NATriumph TRW Switzerland Unknown Arosa, Switzerland On the engine we have something like TRW 22338 NA overstamped by another one that says TRW 25335 NA. The number on the gearbox says 25806 NA and the vehicle document of identification from switzerland says that this TRW is an 1952 but I think its a ’56.
TRW 23323NA 1955 Unknown Tonbridge Wells, UK With Engine 25822XNA
TRW 23834NA 1956 Eindhoven, Netherlands Restored, Purchased from Wiekenvorst, Belgium in 1981/2
TRW 23858NA 1956 Eindhoven, Netherlands Restored, Purchased from Wiekenvorst, Belgium in 1981/2
TRW 24004NA 1956
TRW 24524NA 1956 Nova Scotia, Canada Has 1700 miles on the clock and is going through a complete restoration
TRW 24992NA 1956 Canadian Army Windsor, Ontario, Canada Check out Heather’s story
TRW 24319NATriumph TRW France Unknown Belleu, France Undergoing Restoration
TRW 25080NA
Triumph TRW Ontario
1956 Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Good Working Condition
TRW 25107NATRW Parts 1956 Sold “in the crate” at Gagetown NB, date unknown to me Hagersville, Ontario, Canada Mostly engine and transmission parts
TRW 25113NATriumph TRW 1956 1956 Originally went to Canada, then Germany Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan Original, 1717 miles on the clock. Taken out of the crate in 1991.
TRW 25132NA

1956 Sold “in the crate” at Gagetown NB, date unknown to me, as were a number of other machines in the Fredericton area, 2 others of which still existed in1979 by my personal knowledge, 1 complete in a garden shed, very well cared for, 1 in parts and for sale. Hagersville, Ontario, Canada Complete, running
TRW 25302NA 1956 Used by the British Police in Malaysia and ended up at the Polytechnic School in the town of Ipoha Chico, California, USA Brought back from Malaysia in 1980
TRW 25607NA 1957 Canada Quebec, Canada Brand new, out of the crate.
TRW 25776NA 1957 Ireland Connecticut, USA Purchased from an auction in Ireland circa 1974
TRW 25823XNA 1957 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
TRW 25869NA 1957 Canada BC, Canada Undergoing Restoration
TRW 25891NA
Triumph TRW Canada
1957 Canada, MILITARY 57-94003 Montreal, Canada D&C(dusting and cleaning), change fluids, tune up and run
519 Miles
TRW 25911NA 1957 California, USA Done a lot of work to it but have left the original paint. It doesn’t like hills, 3rd gear 45 mph. I’ve had it up to 62 mph.
Took it on two British rides, both about 100 miles. Both had about 200 bikes. Both
times it was the only TRW there and it ran great. Got a lot of attention
TRW 25928NA
Triumph TRW USA
1957 Canadaian Army Michigan, USA Unrestored, Good working condition
TRW 26045NA 1957 Barber Museum, Alabama, USA Restored, Ex Steve McQueen
TRW 26066NACanadian Army Triumph TRW 1957 Canadian Army origin, likely sold surplus from CFB Esquimalt Victoria, BC, Canada Undergoing Restoration
TRW 26129NA Canadian Military Ontario, Canada Has been shuffled from owner to owner as a project bike, but it is probably a former Canadian military surplus motorcycle.
TRW 26155NA
Triumph TRW new out of the crate
1957 CFB London Ontario, Canada then CFB Esquimalt for disposal Victoria, BC, Canada New Original, fresh out of crate + 33 miles (I had to try it)
TRW 26546NA 1957 Pakistan Arvada, Colorado USA Bike came to the US via New Orleans from Pakistan or India and is black.
TRW 26889NA 1957 Pakistan Arzignano – VI (Italy) Undergoing Restoration
TRW 27414XNA 1960 Unknown Asheville, NC, USA In 2011 I the engine was bought and shipped from Florida, USA to North Carolina, USA. Engine is undergoing a complete tear down. I have severe wear on one of the valve blocks and some minor were on that same blocks cam lobe. I am maintaining a blog at
TRW 27489NA Malta, Navy Gozo, Malta Restored, Navy Trim
TRW 27611NA The original engine having seized and showing some internal damage from a previous failure (after leaving the Army it had had three owners before me and it looked like it had been ‘well used’) I acquired engine 27611NA in September 1997 from an advert in Old Bike Mart.  Having fitted it to my bike and got it running there was a distinct absence of oil pressure.  The engine was taken out and stripped and rebuilt (not by me) but no change.  It was looked at again but the problem could not be solved.  I then saw engine 29439NA, again in OHM, so I got that and it has been running fine ever since Erskine, Scotland
TRW 27616NA South Africa Vredenburg Western Cape, South Africa Bought it at a military auction in +- 1973 at Snake Valley, Pretoria, South Africa. I have owned it ever since and it has been registered and running since then. At some stage being my only mode of transport during my apprenticeship
TRW 28854NA 1963 Purchased from County Cork, originally used for the Irish presedntial escort in 1963 along with 5 others. Co Clare, Ireland Undergoing restoration
TRW 29008NA 1964 M O D plate shows it to be 290008 of contract A 3231 Dated 1964 Cheshire, England Running and in reasonable condition
TRW 29024NA 1964 MOD/Army Contract No. 3231 and was made in October 1964.   (Contract No. 3231 ran from 14 October 1964 to January 1965 and comprised of 515 motorcycles, reduced from 618)  My TRW was demobbed at some point between 29 April and 2 May 1969 when it was sold at MOD Auction No. 100 at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire. Erskine, Scotland Unrestored but fitted with different engine (29439NA)
TRW 29101NA 1964 Canadian Army Kirkby in Furness, UK Machined ready to replace 29155NA if ever needed
TRW 29133NA 1964 MOD, London Oetwil am See, Switzerland Undergoing Restoration
TRW 29155NA
Triumph TRw TR6
1964 Canadian Army Kirkby in Furness, UK Engine only Built by Hughie Hancox using a TR6 as a basis. Quite a lot of machining needed to match up the TR6 Primary chaincase. Amal 275 carb, Slickshift gearbox, BTH Magneto.
TRW 29195 NA 1964 Eindhoven, Netherlands Restored, Painted Red
TRW 29257NA 1964 Eindhoven, Netherlands Undergoing restoration, Purchased from JV Motors in Zwartsluis
TRW 29341NA
Frame 29271
1964 Suffolk, UK When I bought it the bike had done less than 100 miles during the past 6 years (according to MOT records) but I have now ridden about 150 miles in the past couple of weeks and it rides much better than I thought it might. The bike has been converted to 12v electrics and electronic ignition but it otherwise appears reasonably standard.
TRW 29384NA 1964 Essex, UK Now Undergone an RAF Rebuild
Triumph TRW RAF
TRW 29385NA 1964 MOD, London Devon, UK Frame 29325 MOD London but never issued to the military. Now in Exminster Devon, on the road and running well
TRW 29364NA 1964 Keighley, W Yorks, UK Undergoing Restoration
TRW 29439NA 1964 re-conditioned in January 1970 at 37 Rhine Workshop, REME, Moenchengladbach, West Germany Erskine, Scotland In 1998 it was still bolted to the original base with the grease seal on top of the pistons at TDC still intact.
Now fitted in 29024NA
TRW 29453NA 1964 Oxfordshire Refurbished in RAF colours, as previous owner rode one while in the RAF. Taxed and MOT’d on the road!
TRW 29459NA 1964 Lincolnshire, UK Dismantled
TRW 29556XNA 1964 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
TRW 29566XNA 1964 Ex Military Police Bike, Ruddington, UK Maidstone, UK Purchased 20/05/1980 from an Army sale
TRW 29571XNA 1964 Canada, 10/01/1965 Norwich, UK Engine Only
TRW 29579XNATriumph TRW MK3 SV 1964 MOD (Army) Colchester, Essex, UK Original but under restoration
TRW 29386NA 1964 MOD, 05/12/1964 Norwich, UK Complete

Key; Green is MK1, Blue is MK2, Red is MK3, White is unknown at present

Customer’s Bikes

Triumph TRW Vancouver Canada
Wayne Dowler’s Triumph TRW in West Vancouver

Air Force Blue Triumph TRW
David Will’s Air Force Blue TRW

Chris Hollis’ TRW in Norwich

John Reilly’s Triumph TRW in it’s original crate at the unveiling day at the SideCar Cafe

Triumph TRW Military Photographs

We love to see old photos, send them in to us and will put them up here.

Triumph TRW Luneburg Heath Germany
Derek Upton on his Triumph TRW on Luneburg Heath, Germany, 1952
Triumph TRW Convoy Germany
Triumph TRW convoy Germany. Derek Upton on the left, Ray Wayman in the centre and Corporal “Big Mac” McRobb (Big Mac used to pick his bike up and place it on the cleaning bench instead of using the ramp). The Rock Apes RAF Regiment
Triumph TRW James Berrow
James Berrow on his TRW in Germany C1952
Triumph TRW Germany
James Berrow on his TRW in Germany C1952

Other Triumph TRW Documents

Triumph TRW 500SV Prototype Triumph TRW Works Prototype
Above is the Triumph TRW Spring frame prototype, made by Triumph as a demonstrator for the war office in 1957. Photos and info courtesy of Commander CV Hanna AMIMarEST. I MarEng. Royal Navy

The original bike features in the book “It’s a Triumph” by Ivor Davies (Page 110). The bike is now believed to reside in the London Motorcycle Museum.

Commander Hanna now has his own prototype based on the above, See TRW 29155NA on the register.


What Year is My TRW?

Below you can find the year of your bike using the engine numbers.

Engine Number Year
14401N – 14459N 1950
6044NA – 14320NA 1951
22001NA – 223838NA 1952
22839NA – 23273NA 1953
23274NA – 23322NA 1954
23323NA – 23597NA 1955
23598NA – 25447NA 1956
25448NA – 27127NA 1957
27128NA – 27175NA 1958
27176NA – 27346NA 1959
27347NA – 27645NA 1960
27646NA – 28185NA 1961
28186NA – 28464NA 1962
28465NA – 28827NA 1963
28828NA – 29605NA 1964

Thanks to Chris Hollis for providing this info.

Technical Specifications

Also see the Triumph TRW MK2 Handbook

Bore 63mm
Stroke 80mm
Capacity 499cc
in/ex valve dia 1.14″
In/ex valve inclination 2 from vertical
Compression Ratio 6:1
Con-Rod Centres 6.5
Spark Plug NGK, B7HS
Gudgeon pin dia. 0.625″
Valve Timing:
Inlet Opens BTDC 16
Inlet Closes ABDC 56
Ex Opens BBDC 56
Ex Closes ATDC 16
Valve Clearance (time) 0
In Valve Clearance(cold) 0.002″
Ex Valve Clearance(cold) 0.004″
Ignition Timing 21
Ignition Timing Piston 0.125″
Points Gap 0.012″
Valve Seat Angle 45
Valve Lift ex/in 0.30″
Valve Spring Free Length 1.812″
Carburettor Solex Type 26 WH-Z
Primary Chain 1/2 x 5/16
Rear Chain 5/8 x 3/8
Front Tyre 3.25 x 19
Rear Tyre 4.00 x 19
Front Brake dia 7″
Rear Brake dia 7″
Petrol Tank 3 (Imp Gal)
3.6 (US Gal)
Oil Tank 4 (Imp Pint)
4.8 (US Pint)