800cc Prototype (MKIII)

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The Only Original Complete MKIII on the right
Photo taken in the Summer of ’76 on an Enfield Rally in Berg En Dal, Holland

There was only one Complete MKIII made before production Ceased
Technical Spec.
800cc OHV Vertical Twin 4 Stroke
Bore & Stroke: 73 x 93mm
Carburettors: Twin Amal Concentric 32mm Choke Diameter
Ignition: 12v. Lucas Capacitator System With Twin Coils. Automatic Advance
Rear Suspension: Pivoted Fork with Girling Oil-Controlled Damper Units
Front Fork: Telescopic with Two Way Hydraulic Damping
Hubs: Full Width 8″, Light Alloy. QD Rear
Brakes: 8″ Twin Leading Shoe Front, 7″ x 1″ Rear

Differences from Standard MKII
The Bike was fitted with different Crankcases, Barrels, Heads, Camshaft, Thin Stem Valves, Ball Tappet Adjusters, TLS Brake, Oil Cooler, 19″ Rear Wheel, Skid Plate, Splined Clutch & Different Crank Balancing.
Also, Standard Fibreglass Petrol Tank, Side Panels and Rear Mudguard Mounted Toolbox.

Factory Test at Mira – 128MPH
Steve Linsdell is currently in possession of the bike, which he has owned since 1975. He is known for his success in racing Royal Enfields, coming 2nd on his 500 Seeley Bullet in the Manx GP Newcomers Race in 1981. Beaten only by a TZ 500cc 4 Cylinder 2 Stroke! Also holding the lap record in the Southern 100 on his 350 Bullet. Steve also raced a 700 Twin, with a great deal of success, beating the Triumphs and Nortons etc.

Steve Originally purchased the MKIII in 1975 and shortly after, attended an Enfield Rally in Holland where he first met Mick Page. (See Picture at top of Page)

Steve says the bike is capable of around 60 miles to the Gallon.

The Bike’s engine had to be rebuilt when it developed a bad oil leak, caused mainly by a broken oil pipe which blocked oil ways, seized the Drive Side main bearing and cracked the crankcase. The crankcase was then taken to Rolls Royce to be welded.

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