Switches and Parts

Including Lights, Ignition, Stop Switches, Handlebar Switches and Oil Pressure Switches
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Part # Description Photo
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LU31315 Replica Lucas U39 lighting switch (with large switch knob). Off/Low/High used on many Magneto ignition / DC electrics models
LU31340 Replica Lucas U39 lighting switch. Off/Low/High. Used with most models with DC Magneto ignition.
LU31784 Replica Lucas 41SA lighting switch.

Lucas 88SA ignition switch.

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LU34427 Lucas 88SA Igntion Switch - BSA/Norton/Triumph/Royal Enfield

Lucas 88SA lighting switch.

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Lucas 88SA Light Switch - BSA/Norton/Triumph/Royal Enfield
LU31788P Replica Lucas toggle switch, 3 positions.
LU31788G Genuine Lucas toggle switch, 3 positions.
LU35818 Genuine Lucas Stop Switch, Type 6SA

Genuine Lucas Dip/Horn Switch, Type 169SA

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LU360363 Rubber Cover, Suits all 6SA Switches

Replica Wipac Ducon dip/horn switch.

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Ducon Switch BSA
S3858 Replica Wipac Tricon dip/horn and stop switch.

Replica Lucas PRS8 ignition/lighting switch.

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PRS8 Ignition/Light Switch
LU34055 Replica Lucas PLC6 ignition/switch.
LU34057 Replica Lucas PLC5 ignition/switch.
LU34815 Replica Lucas push type stop switch.
LU30608P Replica Lucas ignition switch body.
LU30608G Genuine Lucas ignition switch body.
LU30552 Genuine Lucas ignition switch. Norton/Triumph late models.  
Replica Lucas/Miller Stop Switch Miller Stop Light Switch
LU35351 Genuine Lucas switch body, NOT supplied with lock & keys.
LU31688A Replica Lucas 31688A brake switch, complete with rubber wiring boot.
As fitted to Royal Enfield 250cc to 700cc, also fits Triumph 350/500 unit models 1957-63
LU34448A Replica Lucas brake switch 34448A, complete with rubber wiring boot. As fitted to BSA A50/A65 models
SO781 Replica Wipac lighting switch.
SO782 Replica Wipac ignition switch.
LU54033234 Replica Lucas slide type stop switch.

Universal stop light switch.

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S2370 Stop Light Switch
153402 Replica Miller 43E stop switch
Replica Miller 3 position headlamp switch. Low/Off/High.
As fitted to Vincent, Velocette, Rudge and Royal Enfield
15434 Universal chrome indicator switch.
LU35835 Replica kill switch BSA/Triumph triples.
LU76204 Replica Lucas horn press, chrome plated.
LU31563P Replica Lucas horn/dip switch, clamp on
LU31563 Replica Lucas horn/dip switch, screw on.
LU31549 Replica Lucas Dip Switch Brakelight BSA/TRIUMPH Models  
19-1961 Replica Lucas LU30708 Handlebar Switch, T140 1976-78
60-2133 Smiths type oil pressure switch, taper thread type.
60-3719 Veglia type oil pressure switch
86004 Miller type dip switch.
SWD002 Universal chrome horn/dip switch.
SWD008 Universal chrome dip switch.
SWK522 Universal horn/stop switch


Switch Parts

Part # Description Photo
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LU318343 Alloy switch base plate for PRS8 switch
LU318343B Alloy switch base plate for PRS8 switch (BRASS)  
SO781 Switch knob for Wipac SO781 light switch  
SO782 Switch knob for Wipac SO782 ignition switch  
LU54330934 Switch knob for 88SA lighting switch, black plastic
LU54330662 Switch knob for 88SA lighting switch, grey plastic.
LU54336178 Switch knob for 88SA ignition switch, black rubber
LU351803 Chrome switch base plate for 88SA switches.
LU54330576 Chrome switch base plate for 41SA switches  
LU185128 Knob fixing washer & screw 88SA light switch.  
S0781A Switch knob for Wipac S0781 light switch  
S0782A Switch knob for Wipac S0782 ignition switch  
LU516500 Replica headlamp panel complete with switch and ammeter.