Herringbone Oil Pipe

Commonly used on BSA, Norton and Triumph. Reinforced Herringbone Oil Pipe.

Part Number Size (id x length) Genuine Herringbone Oil Pipe Herringbone Oil Pipe Herringbone oil pipe

5/16″ x 15 1/2″

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5/16″ x 10″

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PS175C 1/8″ x various
PS175B 1/4″ x various
PS161 5/16″ x various
PS175A 3/8″ x various
PS175 7/16″ x various
PS189 1/2″ x various

All apart from 06-2201 and 06-2201A is new made (In The UK), Priced per foot.

Reinforced Oil Pipe

Reinforced, Ethanol resistant Petrol pipe. Can also be used as oil pipe. Made in USA

Can be supplied in any length

Part # Description
PS174C 1/8″ Rocker Oil Pipe
BSA A65/Triumph
PS174D 1/4″ Petrol/Oil Pipe
PS174E 5/16″ Petrol/Oil pipe
PS174F 3/8″ Petrol/Oil Pipe

We also have a wide range of Rocker Oil Feed Pipes and fittings, as well as oil tank filters. Please browse the catalogue using part numbers.