Interceptor MK1A TT7 & GP7

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“Nearly forgotten by British Enthusiasts, the Royal Enfield Interceptor is powered by one of only two 750cc twin Cylinder engines made in this country. Until recently it was for export only. Now, by stepping up production, the independent Wiltshire factory can offer the mighty Interceptor to riders in the UK.”

Excerpt from MCN, June 12 1968
Full MCN review available: Official Reprint from the Royal Enfield Factory  £1.00


Scrambler & Sports Specs
Engine: Royal Enfield 736cc 4 Cycle OHV Vertical Twin
Bore & Stroke: 71mm x 93mm
Carburettors: Two 1 3/16″ Amal With Central Float Bowl
Ignition: 12 Volt Coil With Auto Advance
Clocks: Smiths Magnetic 125mph & 8000rpm
Suspension: Front, Oil Damped Telescopic. Rear, Swinging Arm With Girlings
Brakes: Front & Rear 7″
Exhaust: 2 Pipers and 2 Mufflers
Sport Fenders: Chrome Plated

Customer’s Bikes

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MK1A Interceptors In Our Register       

Frame# Engine# YearGBox# Location Comments
73152  1966  Arlington, Washington USA Bike in a storage lock-up-can’t get engine/g-box numbers
73488 YC-15348 1966AGZ2683 PA USA Motor and frame for 1A project bike
73288 YC-16835 1966 AGZ2338 Sheffield UK Imported by Hitchcocks from US in 2005, TT7, probably not run since 1978, very early 1A, with twin Monoblocs. Currently undergoing mechanical restoration.
73249 YC-16855 1967 AGZ2754 Penfield ,New York USA 
429 YC-16878 1967 AGZ3117 Bridgend, South Wales UK Brought back from USA by Hitchcocks and now being rebuilt to hopefully go back on the road this year 2009.
73262 YC-16909 1967 AGZ2713 Red Oak Iowa USA Complete bike. Needs some TLC.
73271 YC-16915  AGZ2363 New South Wales Australia 
73250 YC-16939 1966 Dec AGZ2986 Pennsylvania USA Early Westwood, Manufactured 31/12/66
73491 YC-16941  AGZ2975 Melbourne Australia 
73294 YC-16968 1967 AGZ2960 Houston, Texas USA It’s cool
73512 YC-16971 1967 AGZ2731 Colchester, Vermont USA Thought to be very early Westwood production of 1A
185 1A-185 1967AGZ3091 Bloomington, MN USA 
1951A-195 AGZ2819ExeterAustralia

Done about 7700 miles
Presently having “tidy up”
I imported from the US

199 1A-199 1967AGZ3085 Pennsylvania USA80% complete rolling project, needing total resto’
  1A-270   New South Wales Australia 
275 1A-275 1967AGZ2814


2771A-277 AGZ22864StaffordUKComplete minus the clocks
303 1A-303   Rossland Canada 
356 1A-356   Rossland Canada Spare Engine
361 1A-361 1967 AGZ3196 Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada Originated from Prince Edward Island, Once abandoned in a Hen House.
New Engine fitted. Picture Above.
3661A-3661967AG726YeovilUKExported to Cooper Motors  Los Angeles on 14th June 1967
381 1A-381 1967 AGZ3225 Worcestershire UK Re-imported from Reno, Nevada USA in October 2005

Bike of the month

386 1A-386   Ashby de la Zouch England In Need of Restoration
391 1A-391 AGZ3174 Fort Salonga, N.Y. USA Basket case 5 years ago
405 1A-4051967AGZ2951Grays, Essex England Imported from Detroit, Undergoing restoration.
414 1A-414 1967 AGZ3172 Worcester, MA USA Putting it back together
6616 1A-425 1967 AGZ3071 South Australia Australia Believe Mk 1 with Mk 1A engine
439 1A-439 1968 AGZ3178 Holliston, MA USA Un restored original bike, registered and running. Did a vintage run last summer in the Vermont mountains. The bike ran flawlessly
458 1A-458 1967 AGZ3255 Arlington, Texas USA Original Clean driver
4811A-4811968 MaidenheadEnglandExported to USA Jan 1968.i bought it from Yeomans this year and am rebuilding it now to run this year,i have to apply for age related number plate,and reg documents
504 1A-504  AGZ2732 Helsinki Finland Scramble Project with Ceriani Coffin Tank
5051A-5051968AGZ3283Precott Valley, ArizonaUSATotally restored
511 1A-5111968  Ontario Canada 
512 1A-512 1968 AGZ3258 Ontario Canada Despatched from factory 2 Feb 68. Completely restored
513 1A-513 1968 AGZ3284  Canada Fully restored to GP7 trim
523 1A-523 1967  Chelles France Machine brought back from USA
526 1A-526 1968 AGZ3305 Plantation/Florida USA Basket case
529 1A-529 1968 AGZ3330 PA USA Basically complete, but lightly customized, running example
5311A-5311968 Ocala, FloridaUSA129 miles very original
537 1A-537 1968 AGZ3323 PA USA Basically complete, running, but unrestored. Came with a
panelled style tank, so am planning on finishing as a GP model
539 1A-539 1968 AGZ3366 Rockmart, GA USA Not running
5531A-5531968AGZ3385Goleta, CaliforniaUSAMild Custom, May restore
47081 1A-560  AGM318 North Dorset UK Obtained bike in 2008 in good condition with spares. Two sets of crankcases, one new set and one second hand number YB-16319
  1A-571 1968  New South Wales Australia 
583 1A-583 1968 AGZ3272 Maryland USA Now undergoing full restoration
584 1A-584 1968 AGZ3009 Worcestershire UK Re-imported from Marne, USA in August 2004

Bike of the month

  1A-587 1968  New South Wales Australia 
  1A-591 1968  New South Wales Australia 
  1A-592 1968    
618 1A-618 1968 AGZ3286 Birmingham UK Dispatched on 15/03/1968. As original. New to Firth Cycle (USA) Washington.
759 1A-638 1968 AGZ2889 Waterford USA Been in family since 79 with the chickens, restored & slightly modified
(Pictured Above)
642 1A-642 1968 AGZ3302 Flint, Michigan USA Found this bike sitting out of doors for over 25 years.
Very little work and it runs/drives good
643 1A-643 1968  New South Wales Australia 
644 YB-644 1968 AGZ1595 Las Vegas USAMay be an earlier engine, unverified
650 1A-650 1968    
651 1A-651 1968AGZ3368 Layton, Utah USAMoved here from Layton, Utah; owned since 1993. Originally a Wyoming bike.
6661A-6661968AGZ3443Marlow, BucksEnglandUndergoing full restoration
6751A-675 AGZ3315Goleta, CaliforniaUSAMild Custom, May restore
699 1A-699 1968 AGZ3356 Chico, CA USA 
707 1A-707 1968  Grand Rapids, Michigan USASourced from Port Townsend, Washington, USA
Good solid runner and still looks good
780 1A-780 1968   USA Ground up/resto rider
783 1A-783 1968AGZ3551Victoria Australia U.S. import, under restoration
790 1A-790 1968AGZ3547Moline, Illinois USA Found in shed in 1991, 95% complete. Ready for restoration.
804 1A-804 1968 AGZ3549 Portsmouth England Complete rebuild should be complete December 2007
835 1A-835 1968 AGZ3627 Illingen Germany Bike was once registered in Michigan. Fitted with a Constellation Tank & Airflow Fairing
8551A-8551968AGZ3618Marlow, BucksEnglandAll fixed up & running well.
888 1A-888 1968 AGZ3508 Ontario Canada 
891 1A-891 1968 AGZ3593 Comox, BC Canada 
899 1A-899 1968 AGZ3641 Isle of Man  Imported from Arkansaw, undergoing full restoration
950 1A-950   Ashby de la Zouch England Brand New Complete from Ex-Factory Stock,  Never Used!
953 1A-953 1968 BG797 Delta BC Canada SERIES 2 W/SERIES 1 NUMBERS
981Non Stamped1968AGZ3709Marlow, BucksEnglandSupplied to Clymer-Munch in August 1968 for the Munich Show. Awaiting restoration
983 1A-983 AGZ 3680  Canada Bike was imported into Canada in January 1981 from Holland, I purchased it from the owner in 1989, after an initial engine start to confirm that it actually ran I partly dismantled it and it has lain in storage until I commenced rebuilding last year.
992 1A-992 1969  Bergschenhoek Netherlands 
15111A-15111969503Prescott Valley, ArizonaUSATotally Restored
F1759 1A-995 1968 1A996 Austerlitz Netherlands I have built it up from spares, no registration no. yet (MK2 Frame, Old one involved in an accident)