Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2

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“When Royal Enfield production ceased at the famous Redditch works was switched entirely to the underground factory at Bradford-on-Avon, output was largely concentrated on the Big Interceptor Twin. Last year, with the redesigned crankcase assembly embodying car-type, wet-sump lubrication, it became the Series II Interceptor. The label is the same for 1970, but the machine in it’s latest form has a number of additional refinements”

Excerpt from “Motor Cycle” magazine, 22 Oct. 1969
Full Genuine Double-Sided Reprint from the Royal Enfield Factory available – ?1.50

Technical Specs
736cc OHV Vertical Twin 4 Stroke
Bore & Stroke: 71 x 93mm
Carburettors: Twin Amal Concentric 30mm Choke Diameter
Ignition: 12v. Lucas Capacitator System With Twin Coils. Automatic Advance
Rear Suspension: Pivoted Fork with Girling Oil-Controlled Damper Units
Front Fork: Telescopic with Two Way Hydraulic Damping
Hubs: Full Width, Light Alloy. QD Rear
Brakes: 8″ x 11/4″ Front, 7″ x 1″ Rear
New Features (1970): Oil Cooler, Air Cleaner, Skid Plate and Passenger Hand Rail (See Below)
Top Speed: 117MPH

May 1969 List Price – $1495

Further Interceptor Developments

Sales Pamphlet for 1970 Model

Click here for History of 1B-1937,
Currently Owned by Mick Page

Royal Enfield High performance brakeFront Brake Drum – High Performance Modification           
Suitable for MK2 Interceptor (8″ Twin Leading Shoe Front Brake)
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Photo of the MKII
Production Racer

Official Factory Photo

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Genuine Sales Pamphlet – £9.99
White “Go Interceptor” T-Shirt (XL) – £14.99

Genuine MKII Workshop Manual £16.00

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Exploded Engine View
18″x25″ – £8.50   A4 – £1.00

Genuine MKII Riders Handbook £9.50

Chromed, Bare US Tank,
49555 – Click for offers

Royal Enfield Tank Badges £42.00 pair

50118 Genuine Alloy Identification Plates -£5.00
Compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Law, Part 567 for Vehicles manufactured after 31st August 1969


Interceptor MK2 Exploded Engine diagram of parts available to buy


Customer’s Bikes

Leiv Atle Daugstad’s “Viking Cafe” Now owned by Palle Rasmussen

John van Ravenswaaij’s MK2 (1B-2196)

David Geary’s MK2. Complete with Extras

(Oil Cooler, Sump Guard, TLS Front Brake and Grab Rail) Soon to be fitted with Air Filter Assembly, Supplied by BBB

1B-1440 currently in Novato, California

Bill Douse’s Modified MK2

Antony Bowie’s MK2

Dave Brooker’s MK2 in Canada

Mark Granby’s 1969 MK2 1B-1235

Ted Klatt’s Old School Interceptor Chopper

As featured in Brit chopper magazine issue 13

Bernard Noel’s MK2, Reims, France

Frank Toka’s MK2, in Victoria BC Canada



MKII’s In Our Register, Add your bike here!

Frame# Engine# Year GBox# Location  Comments
  1B-1038 1968  New South Wales Australia 
F12251B-10111968B9625NorwichEnglandRepatriated from America in 2006. Fully restored and on the road. Details from the REOC indicate that the frame was dispatched to America in 1970 and the engine was dispatched to the Experimental Dept Westwood 1968. The bike came back with the engine fitted
F10471B-10471968BG20New South WalesAustralia 
 1B-10581968 BaltschiederSwitzerlandPurchased from Iota Products Detroit 1989
 1B-10661966 BaltschiederSwitzerlandPurchased from Iota Products Detroit 1989
F10691B-10691969BG18Georgetown, TexasUSAI am the 2nd owner, purchased it in 1972. Much of the bike in original condition. Reconditioned bike with your bits in 1994.
F10751B-10751969 Lake Forest, CalifUSAI purchased in October, 1988. Bike is in excellent condition
F1076 1B-1076 1968 BG221 West Midlands England Returned from USA 2003, being restored
F11071B-11071969BG263San FranciscoUSAI am the original owner – purchased in Petaluma, California
Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2 California
  1B-1130   Ashby de la Zouch England In Need of Rebuild, Con-rod gone through the Crank Case. Bought From Italy
F1028 1B-1132 1968BG290 Culmstock, Devon England To be registered in UK in due course.
F1151 1B-1151 1969  Bemmel Holland 
F1158 1B-1158 1969 BG186 Somerset UK USA model repatriated to UK in 1990, good original
condition, not used as much as it should be at present but hope to change this soon.
F1167 1B-1167 1969  Soverato Italy Arrived at ‘Italjet in 1969 and never registered. now has only 5000 km.
F1180 1B-1180 1969  Orimattila Finland UK-model
F1197 1B-1197 1969  Winnipeg Canada Has not seen the light of day since ’71,currently refurbishing
F1214 1B-1214 1969  Hibbing, Minesota USA 23,000 miles ,about 2,000 on a major overhaul, I love it! 2nd owner
F1142 1B-1216 1969  Alabama USA Rebuilt from top to bottom.
F4759 1B-1220 BG72 Riverside CA USA Bought in pieces; currently under construction
F1235 1B-1235 BG254 Hamilton Ontario Canada Good shape and on the road
F12361B-1236 BG238GloucestershireUKImported from Bramton, Ontario. It is a good condition runner.
  1B-1237 1969  Maldon, Essex UK Engine Only
F1261 1B-1261 1969BG115 Minnesota USA 
F1274 1B-1274 1969 BG136  Sweden Featured. Click here for more info.
F1304 1B-1304 1969 BG317 Presteigne Powys UK Dispatch Date 24/4/69 to Alberta Cycles Canada
F1314 1B-1314 1969 BG103 Tyne & Wear England Basket case, all major parts present
F1322 1B-1322 1969  Calgary, Alberta Canada Preparing for full restoration
F1323 1B-1323 1969  Qu?ec, Qc Canada Restored (2003-2007), perfect condition and on the road
F1336 1B-1336 1969 BG338 PA USA 
F1347 1B-1347 1969 BG346 REIMS France US import in 1995
F1351 1B-1351 1969 BG362 Memphis USA Restored to very good riding condition in 1994
F1371 1B-1371 1969 BG383 Melbourne Australia Undergoing restoration
F1373 1B-1373 1969 BG407 Victoria B.C. Canada Restoration complete and roaring like thunder!
F1378 1B-1378 1969 BG398 Crediton, Devon England Future ride and restore
F1393 1B-1393 1969 BG377 Delta BC Canada 
F1394 1B-1394 1969  Parma Italy Undergoing a complete restoration. Previously registered in Canada.
  1B-1415   Trebur Germany Only the engine, gearbox and carbs
F1417 1B-1417 1969 BG449 Lancashire England Totally restored to original spec
  1B-1420 1969 BG453 Victoria B.C. Canada Complete as a unit; engine, transmission and complete primary chaincase
F1440 1B-1440  BG465 Novato, California USA Sporting a Chrome Sports tank. Picture above.
F1444 1B-1444 1969  Devon England A recent import from Florida, USA
F14571B-14571969BG456ViennaAustriaReimported from US to Europe, original unrestored condition
F1467 1B-1466 1969  Bergschenhoek Netherlands 
  1B-1476 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F1479 1B-1479 1969 BG564 Bloomsburg,Pa USA Bike in great shape, baker ignition upgrade.
F14961B-1496  CaliforniaUSA 
  1B-1505 1969   France US Import
F1513 1B-1513 1969 BG495 Milpitas, California USA Restoration in progress
F15161B-15161969BG606New South WalesAustralia 
F1530 1B-1530 1970 BG516 Niagra Falls Canada 
F1541 1B-1541 1970 BG624 Delden Netherlands Under Restoration
F1544 1B-1544 1970  Newark Valley, NY USA Still in milk crates Connecting rod broken last reg. in
F1548 1B-1548 1970 BG555 Pennsylvania USA 90% complete basket case
F15511B-15511970BG664NamurBelgiumImported from the US in 2010, fitted with Newby clutch and TLS front brake.
F1558 1B-1558 1970  St. Clair Shores, MI USA Bought at Shores Motors in 1970
F1564 1B-1564 1969   Netherlands 
F1597 1B-1597 1969BG729Fairfield Maine USAAny info welcomed
F1564 1B-1599  BG720 PA USA 
F1626 1B-1626 1969  Hertfordshire UKRe imported from Texas about 11 years ago original and running
  1B-1641 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F1644  BG526DorsetUKImported from Michigan, USA
F1656 1B-1656 1969BG622 Thetford UKBrought back from Houston Texas in 1981
F1662 1B-1662 1969  Orkney Islands UK Exported to Clymer in USA, Re imported in 2000
F1664 1B-1664 1969 BG755 Northants UK Re-imported from Minnesota US in 2004 fully restored, now UK  spec.
F16681B-1668  CalgaryCanadaRestoration in progress
F1673 1B-1673   Twickenham UK Imported from Canada
F1686 1B-1686 1968  Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Old School Chopper, Pictured above
F1689 1B-1689 1969 BG868 Rockhampton Australia I bought the bike from Baxter Cycles in the USA. It was registered for 2 years as I rode it regularly. I am now stripping it and restoring it to I hope original
F1694 1B-1694 1969 BG842 Hoxtor Germany Sold  by the Motorcycle Centre Warri, Enerhen Road, Nigeria
(perhaps one of the prince’s bodyguard bikes????)then shipped to Germany on 10.4.1971
Nigerian – Registration   MW 2209 (hand painted ! white letters with black pin striping on plain brass registration plate!!!)
third owner (me) since 30 years !!!!!!
F1698 1B-1698 1969  Leyland UK Imported from South Africa. Originally bought from the motorcycle centre, Maraisburg, South Africa.
F1699 1B-1699 1969  Durban South Africa Originally owned by my late uncle, Believed to be 1 of 2 interceptors that came to South Africa.
F1703 1B-1703 1969  London/Ontario Canada Finished in 1986 after 3 years. Goes great with a 21 tooth front sprocket!
F1706 1B-1706 1969 BG853 Carson, Iowa USA 
F1714 1B-1714 1969  Colchester UK 
F1720 1B-1720 1969 BG867 Edmonton AB Canada Original condition, runs well, in current use
F1734 1B-1734 1969  Rossland Canada 
F1743 1B-1743 1969  Virum Denmark Located in Canada ( 1 owner ) until 2004
  1B-1753 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F1762 1B-1762 1970 BG930 Ayrshire UK UK Model – The engine was rebuilt after a timing seal failure and it is back on the road in regular use.
F1768 1B-1768 1970  Maldon, Essex UK Built 04/1970, Imported from Pittsburg. In use.
F1774 1B-1774 1970 BG861 Flushing, MI USA Believe originally purchased in, IN. USA
F1775 1B-1775 1970 BG803 Thurnscoe, South Yorks UK Undergoing cosmetic restoration, ready spring 2008. Ex Ray Knight in Isle of Man
F1781 1B-1781 1970  New Ulm, MN USA Rough Shape, but will be restored to glory
F19051B-19051970BGA14MoraSwedenUndergoing Restoration
F2010 1B-2010 1970  Frei Norway Fully Restored
F2031 1B-1786 1970 BG903 Ebbw Vale, Wales UK Currently unregistered (July 2009) and under going light engine restoration. Would like to know the origins of this bike and what a happened to original engine. In the future I would like an engine crankcase with serial numbers closer to frame number.
F1792 1B-1792 1970  Fayetteville, NC USA Licensed and running, mostly original
F1799 1B-1799 1970  Auckland New Zealand Imported from USA Fully restored 2006 to original spec
F1804 1B-1804 1969  Austin, Texas USA Nice Bike.
  1B-1809 1970  New South Wales Australia 
F1825 1B-1825 1970 BG991 Torsby Sweden 
F1831 1B-1831 1970  Norrahammar Sweden Restored – mint condition
F1833 1B-1833 1970  Torsby Sweden 
F1866 1B-1866   Frei Norway 
F1880 1B-1880 1969  Pershore, Worcs UK US spec, Imported Back Home 2001
  1B-1882 1969  Imatra Finland tls front brake,one piece alloy cyl block, primary belt
  1B-1885 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F7863 1B-1872 1969BG623 Vara Sweden Infact the engine nr: says IB 872 Missed to stamp 1 ? Frame nr:?
F1873 1B-1873 1969  Istres France I have owned it since 1980
F1900 1B-1900 1969BG951 Mj?lom Sweden 
F1908 1B-1908 1969  Benoni South Africa 
F1909 1B-1909 1969  Pretoria South Africa 
5527 1B-1910 1969BGA112 Raglan Wales Returned from South Africa
F1912 1B-1912 1969  Benoni South Africa 
  1B-1914 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F1918 1B-1918 1969  Harrogate UK Recently returned home to the UK from Germany
F1924 1B-1924 1969 BG162 Delta BC Canada 
F1933 1B-1933 1970 BGA189 Ann Arbor, Michigan USA Sold from Sill’s Motor Sales, Cleve. Ohio, third owner since 1974, restored once, ridden often. All time favourite Machine.
F1936 1B-1936 1969 BGA148 Carson, Iowa USA 
F1937 1B-1937 1969  Ashby de la Zouch England Sold Brand new by Johnny Brittain, UK Spec Featured
 1B-19381969  SpainBought engine and gearbox only, no chassis, in the usa and bought it back to spain were I live. I used to own bootbill motorcycles before I sold up and moved to spain. Planning to build into a Flat tracker
  1B-1947 1969  New South Wales Australia 
F1951 1B-1951 1970BGA249 Cleveland, Ohio USA Un-restored original runs great ridden often.
F19571B-19571970BGS224Ocala, FloridaUSA9300 miles 
F1977 1B-1977 1970 BG354 Chillicothe, ILL USA 
F1979 1B-1979 1970 BGA368 Florida USA 
F1980 1B-1980 1970 BG426 Alberta Canada Under slow reassembly
  1B-1984 1970  Ontario Canada Engine Only
  1B-1988 1970 BG433 Delta BC Canada Parts Bike
F2008 1B-2008 1970 BGA120 Skreia Norway 
F2010 1B-2010 1970  Orskog Norway Self-built Cafe-Racer, Bought new in Norway in 1970, Pictured Above
F2012 1B-2012 1970    Destroyed in National Museum Fire
F2013 1B-2013 1970  UK Imported to Britain From Comox, Canada
F2016 1B-2016 1970 OntarioCanada Owned since 1976
  1B-2033   Ashby de la Zouch England Engine Only
F2042 1B-20421970  Bologna Italy Arrived from Baxter Cycle at the end of 2008
F2077 1B-2077 1970  Bonn Germany Fully restored 2004-2006 Good Condition
F2089 1B-2089 1970  Carmarthenshire Wales Imported in 2004 from New York
F2095 1B-2095 1970  St Louis USA 
F2100 1B-2100 1970BGA436 Tyne & Wear England Runner, needs work
F2109 1B-2109 1969BGA457 Borlange Sweden Registered 22nd of July 1969 in Sweden. Engine at some point changed, history unknown.
  1B-2115 1970  New South Wales Australia 
F2120 1B-2120 1970   Luxembourg Imported from France
F21261B-21261970BGA408Bastrop, TexasUSAAll Original Bobber
F2130 1B-2130 1970 BGA411 Tennessee USA unmolested survivor
F2134 1B-2134 1970 BGA389 Pennsylvania USA 
F21491B-21491970BGA303OntarioCanada2nd owner.  Restoration in progress, but moving slowly.
F2157 1B-2157   Rossland Canada 
F2160 1B-21601970BGA183 Worcester EnglandBack on the road & running sweetly!
F2162 1B-21621970BGA262 Victoria B.C. CanadaClean and stock
F21751B-21751970BGA465NJUSABike is basket case, although 95 % there, some of it is not usable (EG: mufflers rusted in half). Need front fender/brake plate and better gas tank, motor needs overhaul
F2191 1B-2191 1970  New Jersey USA 
F2194 1B-2194 1970 BGA104 Barneveld Holland 
F2196 1B-2196 1970 BGA141 Austerlitz Netherlands I have owned this bike for more than 33 Years
F2198 1B-21981970  Ashby de la Zouch England In Bits
F2199 1B-21991970BGA62 Saint Albans, Vermont USA Original, running and complete but unrestored,1 family owned from new
  1B-2214X   Maldon England Engine Only. New, came from Ian Abrahams Rickman.
69848 1B-2216X1970  Salzgitter Germany 
  1B-24801970BG203   One of the last produced
73507 1B-2503X 1970  Southampton UK MK1A built as a MK 2
  1B-2533X   New South Wales Australia 
  1B-2557X  BGA186 Milpitas, California USA Engine Only, Perhaps intended for Clymer/Rickman
DVLA Number    Buckinghamshire England Built up from spares some years back.  Put on the road this
year and allocated an age related registration in February 2006.(Pictured Above)
6951    Cardiff Wales No Engine Number, built from spares at LD Motors by Geoff Lewis. Super Meator Frame