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BSA Parts

Part NumberDescriptionModel
67-6123 46T Rear Brake Drum & Sprocket A7/A10 Plunger
67-6124 49T Rear Brake Drum & Sprocket (Sidecar) A7/A10 Plunger
97-4011A Progressive Fork Springs (Conical) B25/B50/A65
68-0184A Crankshaft Sludge Trap Plug (Hexagon) A50/A65
40-3022 Kickstart Quadrant (Genuine)
71-1133 Oil Pump Assembly (3 Stud)
57-3872 High Gear 22T
  Wide Ratio Gear Clusters, Layshaft and Mainshaft C/W Gears WDB40/B25/B44/B50
  Lucas Replica, Type 8H/6H (6V/12V) Most Models
40-3233A Alloy Clutch Friction Plate
82-8614 Steel Side Panel, L/H
1970 B25/ 68-70 B44
  Genuine New old Stock
Avon Avonair Full Fairing (White), complete with fittings and instructions (Does Not Include Blue light)

Can also supply the plain screen for an additional Ł50

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B25/B44/TR25W etc.
  Avonair Screen WDB40,
B25/B44/TR25W etc.
67-1210 Cyl Barrel (Thick Flange) A10
41-3073 Gear-Layshaft 1st 25T B44/B50
68-9131 Toolbox A50/A65
82-9665 Brake Pedal Shaft Rocket 3/X75 Hurricane
70-9104 Idler Pinion With Spindle (Genuine) A65
Ł Side Panels (Fibreglass) A65LR 1964
57-3876Gear – Mainshaft 2nd 21 TB25 / B44/ B50
57-3877Gear – Layshaft 2rd 19TB25 / B44/ B50
97-3795Front Mudguard (in Primer)
MK1 Rocket 3 1969
97-3896Front Mudguard (in Primer)MK1 Rocket 3 1970 US
97-3913Front Mudguard (in Primer)MK1 Rocket 3 1970 UK
97-3795/003Front Mudguard (Chrome)A65 Firebird
97-3896/003Front Mudguard (Chrome)A65 Firebird
19-2070Clearhooter HornR3 ’69/A65
41-6791Alloy Rear Light HousingD10S
68-6823Alloy Rear Light HousingB25/B44/A65
68-8003/003Chrome Petrol Tank 4 Gallon 62-65A50/A65
57-4225AAlloy Clutch Drum 50T TriplexR3/T150/X75
82-8588/9Chrome Tank Panel (Pair)R3
82-8629Oil Cooler Covers (Pair)R3
83-1387Oil Tank Filter Plug (Genuine)R3
83-2018Battery CarrierB25/B50
68-4804Footrest Stud LHA50/A65
29-5839Footrest Stud Nut LHA50/A65
70-9995Silencer BracketA65FS
68-6802Support Stays (Pair)B25/B40/B44/A65
97-3669Mudguard BracketB25/B44
97-3680Mudguard BracketB25/B44
71-2618Silencer BracketA65FS
68-9278Bracket Side Panel SupportA65
68-9279Bracket Side Panel SupportA65
83-2786Rear Light HousingA65/A70
19-7803Clutch Plate (Borgs Beck)R3
83-3061Seat CatchA65/A70 OIF
82-8610/11Tank Badges (Genuine)R3
68-4095/6Brake Pedal Stop & AdjusterA50/A65
68-6834Rear Number Plate Bracket (Top)D10/B25/B40/B44/A65
68-6850Rear Number Plate Bracket (Bottom)R3/A65
83-2640Rear ChainguardA65/A70 ’71/72
83-2786Rear Light HousingA65/A70
65-9080Steel Toolbox (Triangular)B31-B34/A7-A10
67-1536Conrod BoltA10/A65
83-2674Chainguard extension B25/B50
68-4090Head Steady StayA50/A65
97-4270Chrome Front Mudguard (Wire Stay)A65/T120/T150
97-4272Chrome Front Mudguard (Wire Stay) Long UKA65/T120/T150
47-600952T Rear Drum & SprocketWDB40
83-2168Rear ChainguardBandit/Fury
83-2567Coil Mounting PlateBandit/Fury
68-4090Head Steady StayA50/A65
37-3857Genuine Rear Brake plate (Conical)B25/B50
82-9721Tank TrimA65F/B25/B44
 Centre Stand Coupling KitRocket 3
70-9706Tacho Cable GuideRocket 3
68-6835Rear Lamp Mounting PlateB25/A65
60-3278Sidepanel Decal (Pair)Rocket 3
60-0853/4Nameplate (Pair)Rocket 3
83-1430Oddle Stud (Large head)Rocket 3
40-6815/6Chrome Rear MudguardB25/B44
70-9036/7Raygun Silencers (Pair)Rocket 3
41-0175Head SteadyC15T/B40/B44
97-3639Chrome Fork Seal Holder (Pair)B25/B44
 WD Style 7″ Headlamp ass. with Underslung PilotA10/B31 etc
41-061528T Engine SprocketB44
68-6116Rear Brake Drum (finned)A65
71-2176Genuine H/L Ex-PipeB25SS
68-9134Genuine Zipped toolbagA50/A65
83-2040Genuine Brake PedalB25/B50
40-4238Genuine Swinging armC15/B40/B25/B44
71-3148Low Level Ex-PipeB50
67-612346 Tooth Rear Brake Drum A7 Plunger
67-615445 Tooth Rear Brake DrumA7/A10
66-610742 Tooth Rear Brake DrumM20 Rigid
40-4719Centre StandC15
67-1536Conrod boltA10/A65
83-2674Chainguard Ext.B25/B50


Royal Enfield Parts

Part NumberDescriptionModel
  Front and Rear Reflector Kit
  Lucas Replica, Type 8H/6H (6V/12V)
Most Models
49680Bottom Yoke (Forkstem ass)
50043Bottom Yoke (Forkstem ass)
50066Alloy LH Fork Slider (Roadholder)
50067Alloy RH Fork Slider (Roadholder)MK2
47876Conrod Bigend Bolt (Rolled thread)MK1/MK1A/MK2
49780Fork Bottom Cover Tube (Pair)MK2
48688Battery BackplateCont GT
 WD Style Headight ass. with Underslung PilotModel G etc.
49802Fork Stanchion (pair)MK2
49802Hard chrome Fork Stanchion (pair)MK2
49917Crankcase (Bare)
MK2 Interceptor
49687Crankcase (Bare)MK1A

Norton Parts

Part NumberDescriptionModel
  Lucas Replica, Type 8H/6H (6V/12V) Most Models
06-5604Alloy Front Brake Lever MK3 (Genuine) Commando
06-0351Alloy LH Fork Slider (Roadholder)
06-0352Alloy LH Fork Slider (Roadholder)Dommie/Commando
06-2401Engine Sump Guard (Skid Plate)Commando
06-7743Spring Top Cover 6 1/8″ Long (Pair)Dommie/Atlas/ES2
06-0510Alloy Clock Holder (Short)Commando
06-1122Tail Lamp Fairing (Fibreglass)Commando/Roadster/HiRider
06-2028/29Chrome Headlamp Brackets (Pair)Commando
02-2038Tail Lamp SupportRoadster/HiRider
06-2039Tail Piece (Fibre glass)Fast Back 
06-2553Alloy Brake Lever BladeCommando
06-2702Alloy Clutch Lever BladeCommando
06-3051Centre StandCommando
03-0531Fork Bottom Cover Tube Ass. RoadholderG15/N15/Dommie
06-4075Side PanelP11
NM21016Tooltray WidelineDommie 
03-4031Swinging Arm Ass GENUINEP11A/Ranger
03-0036Fork Stanchion 25″ (pair)N15
03-0036Hard chrome Fork Stanchion (pair)N15



Part NumberDescriptionModel
97-4011A Progressive Fork Springs (Conical) T120/T140
71-2800A Crankshaft Sludge Trap Plug (Hexagon) T120/T140
70-2795 Oil Pressure Release Valve
Pre Unit/TRW
60-3998 Rev Counter Cable TR5T
60-3997 Speedo Cable TR5T
  Lucas Replica, Type 8H/6H (6V/12V) Most Models
57-2726A Alloy Clutch Friction Plate
82-8614 Steel Side Panel, L/H
71-7207 Silencer T140D
57-1594 Layshaft Assembly – Close Ratio 18T/25T (Genuine) T20
57-3876Gear – Mainshaft 2nd 21 TTR25W / T25
57-3877Gear – Layshaft 2rd 19TTR25W / T25
60-3558Connector Hose (Elbow)-Breather TubeX75
97-4189Top Yoke (Polished)

97-4183Bottom Yoke (Polished)X75
97-4185Steering StemX75
97-4257Adjuster Sleeve – Steering StemX75
97-2108Nut – Steering HeadX75
19-2070Clearhooter HornT120/T150
 Triumph Badge (Steering Damper/ Handwheel) Silver/GoldX75
97-3602 Steering Damper Knob+Rod C/W Triumph BadgeX75
83-3708Seat Handwheel C/W Triumph BadgeX75
83-1387Oil Tank Filter PlugX75
82-4260Sumpguard ClipT20
83-2018Battery CarrierTR5T
83-4461Chain Guard Extension (Genuine)TR5T
83-4113ToolTray (Genuine)TR5T
83-4901Coil Mounting Plate (Genuine)TR5T
70-3537Chrome Pushrod TubeT20
57-4041Layshaft C/W 15/23TT100
70-3537Chrome Pushrod TubeT120
57-4041Layshaft c/w 15/23TT100
83-2786Rear light HousingT120/TR6
83-3135Tank TrimT120/TR6
83-3134Tank TrimT120/TR6
57-3709Clutch Plate (Borgs Beck)X75/T150/T160
83-3061Seat CatchT120/TR6
71-2466Exhaust Finned ClampTR5T
83-4784Rear Number Plate Bracket (Top)T120/T150/T140/TR5T 
82-6850Rear Number Plate Bracket (Bottom)TR5T/T150/T120/T140
83-2786Rear Light housingT120/TR6
57-2580Clutch HubT150/T160/R3/X75
97-4556Fork Spring (Pair)T160
97-4215Fork Spring (Pair)T150
82-4766/7Tank Badge – Pre unit 4 Gallon (Pair)T120/T110/6T
82-3967Tank Trim Up to 59 Pre unitT100/T120
70-4204Exhaust Head GuardT100/T120/T150
82-4321Twenty One Badge (Pair)3TA
82-6849Rear Lamp Mount PlateT100/T120/T150
97-3639Fork Oil Seal Holder (Pair)TR25W
LU516723Headlamp RimT20
83-5237Styling Cover-Oil TankT160
70-4778Head steady StayT100/T120
71-3534/6Ex-Pipes (Pair)TR5T