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British Historic Racing Final Rounds 2018

British Historic Racing

  Dave Henshaw is a Royal Enfield restoration expert and racer. The Henshaws purchase Royal Enfield Parts from Burton Bike Bits for their customer restorations and their racing Enfields. Below is a record of the final rounds of the British Historic Racing competition. ANGLESEY MEETING – BRITISH HISTORIC RACING Ian Henshaw ‘Henchy’ has been having… Read more »

The Son of Sam, Triumph Trident Production Racer

Son of Sam Triumph Trident Production Racer

The Son of Sam is a Triumph Trident 1975/6. The bike was a replacement for Slippery Sam. The bike was ridden by a number of racers including Percy Tait, Alex George and Martin Russell in the Isle of Man TT. Later, the bike was twice ridden in the Beezumph Rally by Mark Walker. The Bike… Read more »

Royal Enfield Constellation 1959

This Royal Enfield Constellation, probably one of the best you can find, regarded to be the fastest and most powerful production motorbike of the “Fifties”. Being the predecessor of the mighty Interceptor she has been in production for only a relatively short period and therefore only few survived to date, less than Interceptors. Nearly as… Read more »

1959 Triumph 3TA Twenty One

Hi, my name is Santiago and I am from  Montevideo, Uruguay (South America). Here’s my bike story. I am 41 years old, and all of my life I have heard about Triumph Motorcycles, because my father 60 years ago worked at the Triumph dealer in Uruguay. He stayed in that job for 14 years. As… Read more »

BSA B44 Shooting Star 1968

BSA B44 Shooting Star 1968

The story of a BSA B44 Shooting Star named Thunder, By John Pappas Forty years ago, I walked up to a motorcycle show room window in Arlington, Virginia and gazed through the glass at the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. It was a 1968 BSA Shooting Star. I had seen the same… Read more »

BSA Rocket 3 Production Racer

BSA Rocket 3 Production Racer

  A Story by Dick Herzberg about his BSA A75 Rocket 3 Production Racer I purchased the bike from Cusworths in Doncaster, trading my TriBSA which I had built from parts. I will give you a run down on the successes, I would have considered this bike to be the most successful of the Rocket 3s,… Read more »

2003 Royal Enfield Clubman 500 S “Classic” model

I thought you might like to see what modifications I have made to the standard 2003 Clubman 500 S “Classic” model that I bought. Yes I did say “Classic” and I can use that word because it is officially named so in the brand new “genuine Enfield accessories” catalogue for 2007 from Watsonian Squire. It… Read more »